Rental Costumes and Props

Rental Props Pool

Star Media owns a pool of various acting and stage properties.

The props we have will help even the most demanding of production designers to create the needed atmosphere in the movie. All of the props can be both used by Star Media and available for rent to other production studios.

Star Media’s pool of the stage properties includes collections of costumes, furniture and other stage properties, transport and planes of both modern and historical models.


Costumes and Footwear

- Male and female costumes (modern and historical), head dresses and footwear, military uniform (including that of WW II)


  •  Furniture
  •  Pictures and icons
  •  Sculptures
  •  Electric props
  •  Musical instruments


  • Cartage (coaches, carts, horse cabs)
  • Weapons (modern and historical)
  • Aircraft models
  • Historical transport



And a lot more…


Discounts are available if properties are rented for over 3 day period.

For additional information, please contact:

Chabanov Sergey

Tel.:+7(499) 356-5400



Vitaliy Pavlenko   

Tel.:+38 (067) 441 57 16