Rental Transport

Vehicle description

Make-up vehicle is based on IVECO “EuroCargo” (7.3 х 2.5 х 2.4 m.), conventionally divided into 2 compartments:1 – make-up room with 3 working places and head washing place2 – dressing room with wardrobe, sofa and ironing-board.


Grimwagen equipment:

- generator KUBOTA , output 9 kilowatts (220V) with extranet connection capacity;

- 2 air-conditioners Panasonic;

- convection heaters;

- hot and cold water supply.



Grimwagen №1

grimvagen_1      grimvagen_1_1


Grimwagen №2

grimvagen_2      grimvagen_2_2


Grimwagen №3

grimvagen_3      grimvagen_3_3

In companie's autopark there are 8 camera machines, 5 of which are equipped on the base of IVECO “Turbo Daily” and 3 are based on  FIAT “Doblo  Cargo”.


Camera machine, based on IVECO “Turbo Daily”, is performed in cargo-and-passenger variant.  Passenger compartment: 5 seats, 2 windows, folding table
Autonomous heating of cargo and passenger compartments.


Cargo compartment (3 х 1.5 m.) is equipped with shelves, special fastening for railing and wagon as well as specially equipped place for camera transporting.

There is heat and noise isolation of the vehicle body.



FIAT “Doblo  Cargo


Passenger compartment: 4 seats, 2 windows
Autonomous heating of cargo and passenger compartments.


Cargo compartment (1.65x1.2 m). There is heat and noise isolation of the vehicle body.



Illumination base is installed on IVECO “EuroCargo” (7.3 х 2.5 х 2.4 m). There is an illumanation base with generator 120 kilowatt.


and divided in two compartments:

 - 1 compartment 2,8 х 2,5 m with “Cummins” generator (64kilowatt) and electrical shield


 - 2 compartment 4,2 х 2,5 m is equipped with scaffolding.


Hydro-board is also installed on the vehicle.


Trailer low loader


- Total lifting capacity of the trailer low loader is 3500 kg

- Gauge width 1m 96cm

- Overrun brake

- Removable sides





To rent motor transport ask for Vladimir Shilov
Tel./Fax:+38 (044) 390 50 60
Mob.: +38 (067) 323 10 65