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Type: film
Genre: action
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 4
Directed by: Aleksandr Berezan(1, 2 Part), Sergey Sokolyuk(3, 4 Part)
Written by: Elena Potapenko(1, 2 part), Valeriy Potapenko(1, 2 part), Genrikh Mamoev(3, 4 part)
Production designers: Shevket Seydametov (3,4 Part)
Directors of photography: Vlad Guevskiy(1, 2 Part), Sergey Boyko(3, 4 Part)
Composers: Mikhail Alekseev (3, 4 Part)
Producers: Aleksey Terentiev , Valeriy Potapenko , Artem Dollezhal , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: Part 1: 25/02/2008 (Russia), 12/07/2008 (Ukraine); Part 2 : 25/02/2008 (Russia), 19/07/2008 (Ukraine); Part 3: 14/11/2010 (Russia), 20/11/2010 (Ukraine); Part 4: 21/11/2010 (Russia), 27/11/2010 (Ukraine)
Cast: Il’ya Shakunov, Olga Filippova, Sergey Romanyuk
Anti-sniper (1st part)/ Anti-snipper. Double Motivation (2nd part)

The tax administration together with investigatory authorities and a special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigate large-scale financial fraud accompanied by a series of murders of persons involved in the crime. An unpredictable sequel of the knotted story. As a result of intensive investigation measures, a “sleeper” was discovered in the investigatory authorities who organized information leakage in the process of the investigation. Moreover, the “sleeper” stakes his all not only trying to kill the man who started testifying, but Tatiana Uvarova herself. But he failed in spite of all his efforts! He was killed. And a romantic affair between Aleksey Pogozhayev and Tatiana Uvarova starts unfolding …

Anti-sniper. A New Level (3 part)

Colonel Pogozhev starts investigating a new case codenamed “Joker”. A sniper is targeting and blackmailing the rich by shooting and injuring their bodyguards.
During the investigation, Pogozhev meets nurse Margarita Nikolskaya and falls in love with her. However, her son urgently requires expensive surgery, and slowly Pogozhev begins to suspect that Margarita might be the very ‘joker’ he is hunting down.

Anti-sniper. A Shot from the Past (4 part)

A sniper known as the ‘Lone Ranger’ is killing mafia bosses one after another.  Colonel Pogozhev must determine whether the killer is a hired assassin or someone trying to start a gang war in order to take control of the mob himself.   He faces opposition from both criminals and from inside the police force and particularly from Lieutenant Colonel Zamelin, who wants to replace General Kadyshev as Pogozhev’s boss.  With everything against him Pogozhev receives help from an unexpected source; a mafia boss nicknamed Oldman.  However, his top priority is not protecting Oldman but catching the Lone Ranger as Margarita’s life is in danger.