Time for Blame

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Type: film
Genre: criminal drama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Pavel Tupik
Written by: Yuriy Golichenko
Production designer: Viktor Buchkovskiy
Director of photography: Vitaliy Zaporozhchenko
Music by: Mikhail Alekseev
Premiere: 10/05/2009 (Russia), 19/02/2010 (Ukraine)
Cast: Konstantin Milovanov, Igor Savochkin, Elena Panaova, Pavel Trubiner, Ivan Marchenko
Nikolay Eremin was working as a forester in an isolated part of the mountains when an avalanche hit the bus in which his wife, Lera was traveling. Although he and his friend Andrey tried to resuscitate her, their attempts were unsuccessful and Lera sadly died. Nikolay continued to work in the region but as a result, now takes his job more seriously, so when three students wander into one of the most remote and dangerous mountainous areas, Nikolay orders them to turn back immediately. Igor, his wife Zina and brother Oleg, however, ignore his advice and, when the road becomes impassable, they leave their car and decide to complete their journey on foot.

On the way home, they come across an abandoned car in which they discover two dead bodies and a bag containing more than one million euros. Zina wants to hand the bag over to the police, but the boys are already planning on how to spend their new-found wealth. The next day Igor asks his neighbour, Sergey to help conceal the car. On arriving at the scene, they discover that the car has been destroyed by the recent avalanche, but after Sergey finds a second car and more dead victims, he begins to suspect Igor of foul play. While Igor is planning on how to silence Sergey for good, two suspicious men arrive in the mountains searching for a lost car and a large sum of money… Will Nikolay and Andrey arrive in time to stop the crime and arrest the perpetrators?