Red Lotus, The

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Type: film
Genre: criminal drama
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Zaza Buadze
Written by: Zaza Buadze
Production designer: Nikolay Guzovskiy
Director of photography: Anatoliy Sakhno
Music by: Valeriy Antonyuk
Producers: Yulia Chernyavskaya , Oleg Scherbina , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 07/06/2009 (Russia), 21/02/2011 (Ukraine)
Cast: Mikhail Mamaev, Elena Polyakova, Natalia Lesnikovskaya, Vladimir Kapustin, Georgiy Khostikoev, Oleg Primogenov, Stanislav Boklan, Dmitriy Surzhikov
The shooting of a prosperous and influential businessman leaves the residents of a small provincial town in a state of shock. While the initial investigation indicates that a woman may have been involved in the murder, the crime scene has been left clean, and detectives have very little evidence to go on. However, with the culprits still at large and the crime unsolved, the sudden death of this local celebrity is frightening the entire town. Fortunately, the investigator from the central prosecutor's office happens to be in town on vacation and steps in to head the murder investigation.

But as he begins to dig deeper into the events of that night, he uncovers vital clues that suggest murder is only the beginning…