Dependence Day

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Type: film
Genre: detective story
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Sergey Alioshechkin
Written by: Elena Polomyaki feat Lesya Voloshyn
Director of photography: Aleksandr Alioshechkin
Music by: Roman Dudchik
Producers: Aleksey Goncharenko , Vlad Ryashin
Premiere: 13/04/2009 (Ukraine)
Cast: Vladimir Simonov, Aleksandr Porokhovschikov, Tatyana Kolganova, Aleksandr Feklistov, Sergey Kuzmanov, Tala Kalatay
Boris works as a medical officer in a private clinic specializing in plastic surgery.  When he becomes friendly with one of the patients, Ilya, he discovers that Ilya has been mysteriously placed under the private care of the chief doctor who owns the clinic.  During one of their conversations, Ilya hints to Boris that the doctor is running an illegal business from the clinic, but Boris does not take this information seriously until Ilya is found dead the next morning. 

The doctor declares the cause of death to be an overdose, however, Boris begins to suspect foul play after he is thrown out of the hospital for asking too many questions.  As Boris prepares to leave the city, he bumps into Oleg and his friend Katya who are carrying Ilya’s body to their car.  Convinced that the doctor played a part in Ilya’s death and is now trying to cover his tracks, Boris returns to the hospital determined to discover the truth.