Old Man, The

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Type: film
Genre: drama
Year of production: 2011
Duration: 100 minutes
Directed by: Mikhail Zhuravkin
Written by: Elena Zueva, Leonora Paschenko
Production designer: Anatoliy Pidoprygora
Director of photography: Oleg Topoev
Music by: Oles’ Korovnichenko
Cast: Stanislav Lyubshin, Irina Lindt, Igor Chernevich, Ivan Bezborodov, Dmitriy Surzhikov
Andrey Petrovich Lvov, a World War 2 veteran, has lived a good and honest life, helping to raise three generations of offspring - his daughter, granddaughter and then his great grandson, Andie.

His great-grandfather’s kind and gentle influence on Andie was so strong that, upon entering military service, the boy was unable to cope with the tyranny of Captain Yefremov, a man whose numerous personal problems and hang-ups had turned him into a vindictive and merciless fiend. One day, in an alcoholic stupor, the Captain pulled a gun on Andie, accidentally shooting and killing him.

During the investigation the Captain blamed the ‘accident’ on Andie’s carelessness in handling arms. Six months later Andrey Petrovich learned the horrific truth behind the incident from one of his great grandson’s friends on being demobilized from the military. This truth, however, has some startling parallels with a secret of Andrey’s own. Nevertheless, the old man wastes no time in taking up his own honorary weapon and going to the garrison town to exact vengeance.