Hello, You!

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Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 98 minutes
Directed by: Vladimir Kraynev
Written by: Viktor Trachenko
Production designer: Anatoliy Podoprigora
Director of photography: Vladimir Ivanov
Music by: Mikhail Alekseev
Producers: Aleksey Goncharenko , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 07/12/2008 (Russia), 15/02/2009 (Ukraine)
Cast: Viktoriya Kolganova, Vladimir Shevel'kov, Anatoliy Lobotskiy, Natalia Nemshilova-Barkova, Yuriy Mazhuga
It’s hardly possible to repeat something in your life! And is it worth to try? While packing her husband’s suitcases, Anna finds a note from a mistress and some keys in the pocket of his jacket. She is overwhelmed – they were living so happily with Oleg. So Anna decides to trace her husband and finds him at the airport with a young woman and her child. But while driving home in the depth of despair, Anna meets her old friend: 17 years ago she opened her heart to him, but soon he disappeared from town and Anna’s life as well. Andrey, captivated by his memories, is trying to renew his relationship with Anna.
Meanwhile, Oleg, who in fact was only helping a stranger at the airport, but flying to see his mistress in Moscow, decides to end up with his affair and return to the family. Anna is going for a date with Andrey. But he disappears again, while Anna fails to get to the place of their date at all.
Soon, the marriage of Anna and Oleg, that was under the threat of break-up, is restored. But what were those keys and note found in his jacket’s pocket? The answer is unbelievably simple!