French Companion, A

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Type: film
Genre: detective
Year of production: 2015
Directed by: Aleksey Feoktistov
Written by: Dmitriy Kamorin
Production designers: Tatiana Devirts, Viktor Drozdov
Director of photography: Sergey Pavlenko
Music by: Anatoliy Zubkov
Cast: Kirill Pletnev, Maria Andreeva, Nadezhda Zharycheva, Patrick Rulier
Student Yelena Mikhalushkina is flying abroad to identify the body of her father who has died in a plane crash. At the airport, she meets Andrey Yegorov who has lived and worked abroad for several years and is now returning to his place of residence. Sitting next to her on the plane, the young man decides to help this pretty young woman. He accompanies her to the hospital and then to her hotel. No sooner have they said goodbye outside the hotel than Andrey sees Yelena being attacked by a group of unknown men who clearly are trying to kidnap her. Andrey rushes to help and successfully overcomes the attackers, who immediately run off. Andrey and Yelena try to figure out who the men were and what they were after, but it seems there are more questions than answers.
Andrey manages to bring Yelena back to Russia and hides her to keep her safe, but the gang, in hot pursuit, this time succeed in kidnapping her. Now Andrey, who by now has fallen in love with Yelena, has to find a way of snatching her back from the villains’ clutches once and for all. He is doubly determined this time because their last meeting had ended in a quarrel. Gradually Yelena begins to suspect that perhaps it was not by chance that Andrey had appeared next to her on the plane - maybe he is not the person he pretends to be...