Love's Vacation

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Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Vadim Arapov
Written by: Aleksandr Turbin
Production designer: Vadim Ulanovskiy
Director of photography: Andrey Kvardakov
Music by: Evgeniy Doga
Producers: Valentin Opalev , Vlad Ryashin
Premiere: 18/10/2008 (Russia), 03/05/2009 (Ukraine)
Cast: Dmitriy Kharat'yan, Irina Grineva, Anatoliy Lobotskiy, Elena Sachuk, Boris Romanov, Oleg Shibaev, Aleksey Kazakov, Boris Estrin
Zhenia is a Roman’s wife and they have got a son, Ilya. Sasha is Sergey’s wife but they don’t have children. Roman is a good painter by his vocation but he is a bad businessman by definition. His wife wants to succeed in a little family polygraph business. Sergey is a good entrepreneur but not a very attentive husband. And Sasha is a lonely housewife. It happened so that their families turned out neighbors. They got acquainted and Sergey offered to start a common business of printing pornographic issues. Zhenia agreed immediately but it took much time to persuade Roman.
Meanwhile, the men switched their wives: Zhenia started to date with Sergey and Sasha with Roman. It appeared to be better for everybody spiritually as well as physically. When Roman’s son Ilya got to know about the family breakdown, he didn’t blame his father because he likes Sasha! Besides she is the graduate of Stroganovka and arranges a meeting for “her painter” with an art dealer. But not everything appeared cloudless: the first Svetozarov’s printing issue received a criminal response and the whole circulation is arrested. Roman is also arrested. Zhenia refuses from her husband quickly though Sergey promises her to arrange everything. Ilya doesn’t forgive his mother’s betrayal...