Strange Encounter

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Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Saido Kurbanov
Written by: Lyudmila Pivovarova
Production designer: Photis Petrovskiy
Director of photography: Aleksey Naydionov
Music by: Vyacheslav Odakhovskiy
Producers: Valentin Opalev , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 16/03/2008 (Russia), 05/10/2008 (Ukraine)
Cast: Olga Kras'ko, Yaroslav Boyko, Valentina Ananina, Sergey Yushkevich, Tamara Spirichiova, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Vadim Aleksandrov, Anna Danilova, Natalia Pozdnyakova, Maria Kalmina, Charita Kovrigina, Pavel Ostroukhov, Igor Fedorov, Kseniy Chernoskutova
Nadia Reshetova is an attractive 30-year old woman who works for the local council where she is well respected for her honesty and integrity. She has remained single, however, as many men feel threatened by her career, until she meets Viktor.  Viktor and Nadia begin an intense courtship and after two weeks, Viktor proposes to her before leaving for a business trip.
When he returns, he tells Nadia that a contract he had signed for constructing a new road is now under threat, as the residents of a nearby village are refusing to move.  Viktor pressurises Nadia into signing the papers giving the project the go-ahead, however, Nadia, convinced she has made the wrong decision, decides to visit the village behind his back.  On her way, she gets lost and, after spending the night in her car, is rescued by one of the villagers, Grigoriy, a 40-year old man who tells her that he cannot afford to move as the crops he grows in his garden feed his entire family. Their conversation is suddenly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Viktor who demands that Nadia resigns from her job and moves with him immediately.
Nadia reluctantly agrees, but on the morning of their wedding, Grigoriy appears and tells Nadia that the village is safe as the council have discovered that Viktor’s project was a scam. Appalled, Nadia leaves Viktor at the altar, accepting the honourable Grigoriy’s proposal of marriage instead.