Millionaire, The

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Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2012
Duration: 102 minutes
Directed by: Sergey Chekalov
Written by: Ol'ga Soloviova, Marina Mednikova
Production designer: Diana Todorat'eva
Director of photography: Vyacheslav Lazarev
Music by: Oles’ Korovnichenko
Premiere: 08/03/2012, on "Russia" (Russia), 01/04/2012, "STB" (Ukraine)
Cast: Andrey Kuzichev, Karina Andolenko, Yulia Galkina, Mikhail Tarabukin, Lyudmila Kurepova
All roads are open to Kirill, a talented graduate of an architecture college. His fiancée Victoria is a daughter of an A-list man. But Kirill doesn’t wish to use his protection. Realizing their difference, he breaks their engagement. And right the day he does so he meets Lena, a plain student of a teachers college.
Ten years later. Kirill is married to Lena. They raise a boy. Kirill hasn’t achieved much in his career and their family lives on Lena’s salary only. Oftener and oftener Kirill regrets now of the choice he made when he was young.
And he gets a chance to rewrite his life.
One morning Kirill wakes up only to find himself in a luxurious mansion. He’s an owner of a large and prosperous construction company now, married to Victoria.
Will he really be happy? Will he wish to come back to his old life? Will it be an easy thing do to?