Enter the Wizard

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Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Igor Shternberg
Written by: Tatyana Alekseeva
Production designer: Fotis Petrovskiy
Director of photography: Dmitriy Mishin
Music by: Vadim Tikhonov
Producers: Valentin Opalev , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 28/09/2008 (Ukraine)
Cast: Inna Gomes, Sergey Gorobchenko, Stas Duzhnikov, Maria Mashkova, Veniamin Smekhov, Seva Nikolaev, Elena Ruchkina
Vera is a young and beautiful woman who cannot hold down a job. The problem, however, is not her lack of ability but her exceptional beauty, as invariably, within the first few days of a new job, her boss propositions her, and Vera is forced to leave.
With the help of makeup, Vera’s theatrical friend Katia downplays her appearance, and Vera soon obtains a gainful employment as a nanny to a little boy from a wealthy family whose father also has something to hide. A successful businessman, Sergey recently closed a significant deal, which required him to be married, but, worried that his girlfriend Galia might be after his money, he did not tell her that he was rich.
How will he tell Galia that he has been lying to her all this time and furthermore, that he is actually falling in love with Vera, whose own secret is yet to be exposed…