Mad Woman, The

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Type: film
Genre: criminal melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 110 minutes
Directed by: Aleksandr Parkhomenko
Written by: Oleg Prikhod'ko
Production designer: Mikhail Shevchenko
Director of photography: Vitaliy Zaporozhchenko
Music by: Mikhail Alekseev
Premiere: 01/04/2007 (Russia), 23/03/2007 (Ukraine)
Cast: Evgenia Dmitrieva, Anatoliy Lobotskiy, Ekaterina Semionova, Aleksandr Peskov
Anna Kuznetsova is in danger. A mysterious voice has been on the telephone, and gunshots have been heard in her house. On top of that, she is a police suspect and is being pursued by a ruthless killer. Things couldn’t get worse for Anna, an unmarried mother battling against all odds. A solicitor in a small law firm, Anna has no alternative but to fight tooth and nail against these threatening circumstances, with the risk of losing her love and even her own identity. But she believes in the redeeming properties of love and eventually finds it! Or so she thinks….

But what price should a human being pay for happiness? Each character in the film answers this question in his or her own way.