Code 202

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Type: film
Genre: action detective story
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 4x105 minutes
Directed by: Igor Luzin (Part 1), Karim Shykhar (Part 2)
Written by: Ruslan Trizna, Valeriy Potapenko, Igor Luzin, Elena Potapenko
Production designers: Vasiliy Zaychuk, Viktoriya Doroshenko
Director of photography: Vladimir Sovyak-Krukovskiy
Music by: Ivan Zabaluev
Producers: Aleksey Terentiev , Valeriy Potapenko , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 28/08/2006 (Russia), 02/02/2008 (Ukraine)
Cast: Evgeniy Ganelin, Aleksandr Kulyamin, Natalia Zhitkova, Natalia Lukeycheva
CODE 202
In Ukrainian police jargon, situations relating to terrorism are called “Situation 202”.
 A successful businessman has discovered that his wife has been unfaithful and threatens to kill her. Holding a gun to her head, he calls the police and demands a special police negotiator come to the scene.
 Two top members of “Special Division”, Colonel Chibis and Major Medved, long-term friends, are assigned to the case. Their friendship, however, has recently been under pressure since Medved’s wife left him to live with Chibis. Is their friendship strong enough to overcome jealousy and betrayal, as they realise they have become pawns in a dangerous and deadly game of chess.

After receiving a mysterious telephone call at work, a metalworker puts down his tools, goes out into a crowded pedestrian subway and suddenly takes a young girl hostage. An emergency police squad arrives at the scene and manages to save the girl but not before the metalworker sets fire to himself. The horror of the incident, combined with the label "AIMs" on the matchbox retrieved by the police from the scene, confirm their worst fears -- the return of a ruthless villain (from the first episode) -- and he is back with a challenge.
The two top ministry operators, Special Unit Psychologist, Lieutenant-Colonel Chibis and Special Communications Mediator, Major Medved from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) State Agency of the Fight Against Organised Crime (MASOC) take up the villain's challenge.
After a couple of failures Chibis and Medved begin to feel they are being used by somebody - like pawns in a complicated game of chess. They try to follow up on other leads.
After further investigation they discover that the villain is none other than Stas, who was thought to have died (at the end of the first episodes). . But Stas, a highly professional wrecker, had cleverly staged his own death.

Chibis, realising he is suffering from "negotiator's stress", decides to leave the police force under pressure from his wife Svetlana. Major Medved, during a series of bogus telephone calls, encounters the incomprehensible -- a group of totally disparate people witnessing the same crime. The strangest thing is that the crime described by the 'phone terrorists' has not yet taken place.
Chibis, because of their old friendship, recruits Medved for the investigation. Watching Medved, Chibis comes to the conclusion that Medved is also suffering from 'negotiator's stress' -- clearly it is a common complaint amongst the team.
Their investigations bring them to an apartment, where a bunch of criminals ae holding several people hostage. Chibis has no time to warn his former colleagues, and Medved enters the apartment. The 'negotiations' are short -- Medved shoots the villains dead and releases the hostages.
In order for Medved to recover to his normal state, Chibis, Olga and Chervony work out a smart plan -- he is being transferred to the department on physical defense of the most important participants of criminal processes -- to defend Olga.
But our heroes do not know the main thing yet -- they have to begin an uneasy fight with international criminal organization which, using a secret development, is trying to get access to security system of an international payment system.
But the villains did not take into account that they will stand against the best specialists of the MASOC MIA.
The security service head of a large printing firm is killed in a cafe' near a petrol station at night. This apparently casual murder attracts the interest of the State Agency of the Fight Against Organised Crime (MASOC). On one hand, the sale of 50% of the firm's shares is to take place the next day. On the other, the murdered man turns out to be a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), who was involved at the beginning of the creation of MASOC as a department of the MIA. Lieutenant-Colonel Chibis, who had left Svetlana to return to MASOC, and Major Medved again find themselves in the midst of events.
The murdered man's widow, Olga, who has inherited her husband's shares in the firm, is to be introduced at the Shareholders' Meeting as a new Member of the Board. But during the meeting the shareholders are taken hostage in the office of the Chairman of the Board, and the Chairman, who had left the country a day earlier, has also been taken hostage and is being held in a secret place.
The shareholders and terrorists conduct negotiations via a video-conferencing unit. The terrorists, by means of cross blackmail and threats to the lives of the shareholders' relatives, win their main condition -- the transfer of 100% of the company's shares to their control.
But our heroes -- Chibis and Medved -- are ahead of the game as they reveal the villains' intentions and bring about the release of the hostages.