Lessons in Seduction

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Type: film
Genre: lyrical comedy
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 98 minutes
Directed by: Aleksey Lisovets
Written by: Valentin Azernikov
Production designer: Larisa Gilko
Director of photography: Igor Ivanov
Music by: Timur Polyanskiy
Producers: Aleksey Goncharenko , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 02/07/2011 (Russia), 04/05/2008 (Ukraine)
Cast: Oksana Musina, Dmitriy Nazarov, Elena Shevchenko, Irina Mak, Anatoliy Yashenko, Sergey Batalov
In this comedy, three women of different ages become friends after meeting in the park one Sunday - Alla and Sonia walking with their grandsons and Kira with her son. As they begin talking, Sonia tells her new friends that she has just left her husband for her lover, but that her lover is now hesitating about leaving his wife. Following Alla’s advice, Sonia sets her lover, Artem an ultimatum and as a result, he finally promises to tell his wife about his affair. His wife, however, turns out to be none other than a very shocked Alla, and while both women decide they want nothing more to do with Artem, Kira decides to go after him herself, and the three friends consequently fall out.

After some months, they meet again in the park. By this time, Kira has met a rich man, with whom she is happy, Sonia has returned to her husband and Alla has forgiven Artem after humiliating and using him as the case study in her new book ‘A Man and A Woman’, in which she gives advice on how to deal with unfaithful men. With the three women firmly back in control, the men are left pushing the prams and wondering how to reclaim their independence and salvage their dignity!