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Type: film
Genre: comedy, melodrama
Year of production: 2013
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Vyacheslav Lavrov
Written by: Ol'ga Stepanova, Dmitriy Stepanov
Production designer: Vadim Afanas'ev
Director of photography: Andrey Lebedyanskiy
Music by: Anatoliy Zubkov
Producers: Natalia Bilan , Daria Lavrova , Vlad Riashyn
Cast: Maria Bortnik, Anton Batyrev, Natalia Dvoretskaya, Aleksandra Nazarova
Overweight Dasha works as a proof-reader for a glossy magazine. Commonsense and previous experience have taught her not to harbour any illusions concerning a happy private life. So instead, she finds solace in detective novels, television and cakes, which she consumes in large quantities. However, when two men appear almost simultaneously, her life is turned upside down. The first is Stas, her tall and handsome new neighbour. Dasha is smitten but is aware that he will never return her love. The other ‘man’ is Vanka, her eight-year-old nephew, whom she has agreed to look after while his mother is away in a resort town looking for a ‘good catch’ to land herself. Living with Vanka is a lesson in survival. However, running constantly after her nephew has one positive result - Dasha starts losing weight. Moreover, in some inexplicable way Vanka helps to bring her closer to Stas’s attention.