Against All Better Judgement

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Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 90 minutes
Directed by: Saido Kyrbanov
Written by: Nikolay Golikov
Production designer: Vadim Lanovskiy
Director of photography: Andrey Kvardakov
Music by: Sergey Chichmeli
Producers: Valentin Opalev , Vlad Riashyn
Premiere: 26/10/2008 (Russia), 28/02/2009 (Ukraine)
Cast: Irina Apeksimova, Edyard Martsevich, Rasmi Dzhabrailov, Andrey Chernyshev, Yriy Gymirov, Mikhail Khmurov, Andrey Bilanov, Svetlana Fatina, Irina Yakovleva
Marina, a successful landscape designer is about to be married. The day before she is due to introduce her fiancé to her rich and influential father, they break up and in addition she accidentally locks herself out of her flat. Luckily for her a passer-by, Bogdan comes to her rescue. Realising that he could be the solution to her other dilemma, Marina asks him if he would be willing to pose as her fiancé and meet her father. He refuses, suddenly realising that he has become very attracted to Marina, but does not want her or her family to find out that he has just been released from prison.
To take her mind off her love troubles, Marina decides to concentrate on her work. She wins a huge commission from Sergey, a wealthy and successful businessman, who falls in love and proposes to her. Marina, however, is unsure, and it is about this time that Sergey is visited by an old friend from the military who had saved his life a few years ago. Marina is surprised to discover that the friend is none other than Bogdan, who himself is also surprised that his feelings for Marina are still very strong.