Signpost to Destiny

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Type: film
Genre: criminal melodrama
Year of production: 2007
Duration: 104 minutes
Directed by: Oleg Filipenko
Written by: Vadim Vyatkin
Production designer: Ruslan Pisakovskiy
Director of photography: Vyacheslav Bulakovskiy
Music by: Aleksandr Soshal'skiy
Premiere: 23/03/2008 (Russia), 03/02/2008 (Ukraine)
Cast: Olga Kras'ko, Igor Mirkurbanov, Pavel Trubiner, Ilya Maer, Alla Sergeyiko, Olesya Vlasova, Sergey Romanyk
Many myths, stories and traditions are associated with the lime tree, going back to the Middle Ages, Celtic times and as far back as Ancient Greece. In Russia, the story goes, that on discovering his lover’s infidelity, landowner Pavel Kazantsev was so heartbroken that he could not forgive Anastasia’s disloyalty and buried her alive. He planted a lime tree to mark the spot where she lay, and years later villagers still go to the tree to ask Anastasia for help, particularly in affairs of the heart.

Marina is the wife of a successful businessman also coincidentally called Pavel Kazantsev. One day, after a family quarrel, Pavel takes Marina to their country house where she discovers that Oleg has a lover – Anastasia. Marina soon learns about the legend of Anastasia’s tree from the local villagers.

The coincidence with names is disturbing, but a worse discovery is still to come…