Laboratory of Family Life, The

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Type: tv format
Genre: reality show
Duration: 45 minutes
Producer: Vlad Riashyn
An experimental reality show in which four couples of different ages and social backgrounds have been handpicked by the show’s producers along with a team of psychologists.

The couples marry each other on the first day of the show in front of a live TV audience and begin family life adhering to a strict set of rules.

They live together for 100 days, calling each other husband and wife, sleeping in the same bed, sharing the family budget and performing household chores together as well as a number of other tasks set by the producers.

The cameras follow their every move as each week they discuss their problems, successes and failures with family members, friends and a panel of experts made up of family psychologists and sexologists. After this discussion, the audience gets the chance to vote via the internet, and their votes, along with the experts’ verdicts, determine the couples' ratings. The aim of the show is to find the contestants who have overcome their difficulties with dignity and who have succeeded in building a model family unit. An apartment is awarded to the winning couple.