Island of the Unwanted

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Type: tv format
Genre: adventure drama
Year of production: 2011
Duration: 24x52 minutes
Premiere: 19/03/2012, on "Russia-1" (Russia), 27/02/2012, on "Inter" (Ukraine)
Andrey Kamorin is a well-off and successful businessman but with an unhappy home life. His wife Lisa is a bad-tempered suspicious woman only interested in the detective stories she reads and watches on television, which she quotes endlessly to her irritated husband. Andrey would have left her years ago if it wasn’t for the property business they started together which is in Lisa’s name. However, Andrey has met another woman with whom he is in love and who recently gave birth to his son.

While his personal life is reaching crisis point, the business is flourishing. Profits are rising especially after Gena Bykov, the company’s general manager and an old friend of Andrey’s, makes a number of successful investments in real estate abroad. Lisa occasionally overhears conversations about the company’s success, however, she takes it for granted even though she makes no contribution to it.

Every evening Andrey comes home from work, has dinner and goes to bed with Lisa, missing his mistress and child desperately. While he realizes that a divorce would be acrimonious and expensive, especially if his wife discovers the truth, his life has become unbearable.

After yet another quarrel, Andrey decides to give his marriage one more try and offers to take Lisa on a cruise. To his surprise, she agrees but will a two-week holiday heal this collapsing relationship?