Let's Meet

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Type: tv format
Genre: Talk Show
Year of production: 2012
Duration: 44 minutes
"Let's Meet" is a show where real people come to mutual understanding, love, respect and recognition with their nearest and dearest. It is not distance that separates the participants but psychological barriers represented with a symbolical partition in the studio.
Each story consists of dramatic events in the studio, a reconstruction of the past events directly connected with the main hero’s issue, and a documentary sketch about the person invited for the meeting. Wishing to be forgiven and accepted, the first participant decides to undergo a public catharsis. But it is the invitee who is power to allow or deny the meeting initiator to speak, accept the uttered words and open his/her heart or just leave the studio, thus leaving the wall existing in their relationship.
The show grants the opportunity to the hero of each episode to be heard, but the final decision is always up to the invitee.
Elements of surprise and unpredictability make the talk show format even more captivating, emotional, exciting compassion and creative attitude.
Helping people to release from the burden of offences and bites of conscience, ability to ruin walls separating people and build bridges, restore family and general human values is the main social, educative and humanitarian objective of the show.