Forgive Me

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Type: tv format
Genre: reality show
Duration: 45 minutes
Producer: Vlad Riashyn
In each episode of this reality show, the contestants have to successfully carry out a range of tasks in front of the entire nation in order to gain forgiveness from people they have wronged in their past.

The contestant’s journey begins with him narrating his own story, which is accompanied by dramatic reconstructions and documentary footage.

A professional psychologist is there to help the contestant overcome his psychological barriers throughout the process. During the discussion, the contestant may begin to doubt the expert’s recommendations as well as questioning his or her emotional strength, so the host’s role is to support and encourage the contestant as well as reminding him of his guilt and his duty to make amends.

In each stage, the contestant prepares his apologies and rehearses his performance in detail while the offended person is still unaware of his remorse. With the audience now behind him, will the contestant be forgiven or will he be condemned to eternal guilt?