Nearest and Dearest

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Type: tv format
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 236x44 minutes
Producers: Valentin Opalev , Vlad Riashyn
Sisters Olya and Ann Kyznetsovy get acquainted with a handsome man Sasha Mal’tsev and, as usual, fall in love with him both. But the life is too complicated and Olya, despite his love to Sasha, has to turn him down to her older sister Ann. But when they got married Sasha cannot forget Olya and it turns out as usual that Olya is pregnant. Olya asks Sasha to choose and he chooses calm life with a woman, whom he does not love.When he finds out that Ann is barrenness, he asks Olya to give their baby to them. Olya is a surrogate mother for all of them only. Sasha is married only for his business and that is why Olya is waiting for the baby just to have good and strong relations with Sasha. Olya understands the situation and wants to give her baby back. But Sasha doe nor allow her doing this, that is why two sisters become foes.

According to all happened ivents Olya goes to the church to leave this strong life ahead.She meets there her real love, a painter Nikolay, but cannot tell him about her feelings to him.. She thinks about her baby all the time.
In Ann’s life starts a bad line, her husband disappears but Ann is becoming closer to her husband’s friend Sasha Vadin, who is in love with her. Her mother-in-law thinks that Ann betrays Sasha and takes that baby away from her. So, she is in the same situation as Olya.

This is the story about strangers who can be really close to you and relatives who can hate each other. This story is about selfish people and about that fact that a piece of the churchyard fits everybody.
This is a love story. It shows us what we can do for love, how much does it cost and how can we change our lives for it.