Blood Sisters

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Type: tv format
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2006
Duration: 105x46 minutes
One day a successful businesswoman, famous for her smiling face on billboards all over the city, suddenly finds herself in a mental hospital. A market trader with a dodgy past wins the lottery, becomes incredibly rich and falls victim to blackmail. A well-known writer of detective stories is suddenly no longer able to cope with life, and finally a mother, who has just been released from prison, tries to take her children away from the orphanage - to sell them.

What happens to us – seemingly ordinary mortals - when we are seized by the lust for money? Greed throws morality to the wind – blurring the distinctions between good and evil, love and hatred, loyalty and betrayal. How does one survive and yet remain true to one’s self? What causes blood relatives or close friends to turn against each other, and why? And who - if anybody - wins?

The characters in this dramatic and thought-provoking series face the uneasy dilemma of trying to make the right choices in life while at the same time assessing the value of human relationships. Their families, friends and business lives are put to the test, but the main intrigue lies in the question: who is trying to eliminate the protagonist - and why?