Forgotten Leaders (Year 2)

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Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2019
Number of episodes: 8
Directed by: Pavel Sergatskov
Written by: Aleksandr Kolpakidi, Vasiliy Shevtsov
Production designer: Aleksandr Gilyavskiy
Director of photography: Aleksandr Kiper
Cast: Sergey Potapov (II), Sergey Rubashkin, Igor Nevedrov, Iskander Pavlov, Sergey Kudryashov (II), Andrey Shchetkin, Dmitriy Sapronov, Konstantin Yurchenko, Mikhail Borisov (III), Vadim Utenkov, Oleg Trebelev, Sergey Zagrebnev, Vitaliy Filippov, Sergey Tishin, Artyom Borzovskiy, Lisaveta Sakhnova
Once famous, these men changed the course of history in their time. Streets, cities, even mountain peaks were named after them, and many monuments were erected in their honour, while their lives and achievements were taught in schools. However, years later, their biographies have been totally re-written, and their achievements, completely forgotten.

The second season of this outstanding documentary series takes eight more iconic figures from the Soviet era and examines their lives and careers in the different periods of Soviet history in which they lived – from the Russian Revolution and World War II to the industrialization programme and finally Glasnost, Perestroika and the collapse of communism. The series also looks at aspects of Soviet military and economic programmes, international politics and culture.

Episode 1 Mikhail Frunze (1885-1925)
Episode 2 Grigol Ordzhonikidze (1886-1937)
Episode 3 Anatoly Lunacharsky (1875-1933)
Episode 4 Georgiy Malenkov (1902-1988)
Episode 5 Anastas Mikoyan (1895-1978)
Episode 6 Ivan Serov (1905-1990)
Episode 7 Aleksey Kosygin (1904-1980)
Episode 8 Andrey Gromyko (1909-1989)