Star Media was founded in 2006. Presently, Star Media is one of the leaders in production and distribution of theatrical and television movies, telenovelas and series, TV shows and docudramas.

Star Media produces annually over 600 hours of telenovelas, prime time series, dozens of TV movies and theatrical movies as well. As of 2018, Star Media’s library of rights comprises more than 5000 hours of finished content produced by the company in various genres.

The movies and series produced by Star Media are invariably rated high and regularly reach the Top-10 of the pop charts on the leading TV channels. Among them are “Mata Hari”, “Oriental Sweets”, “Detective Anna”, “Under Correction”, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, “The Cardsharp”, “Anna German”, “Trouble in Store”, “Once upon a Time in Odessa”, “Kotovskiy”, the docudrama “The Great Patriotic War”, the animated cycles “The History of the Russian State” and “Napoleonic Wars in Russia”, TV feature films “The Grass under Snow”, “Downsizing the Family”, “Anti-Sniper”, “Time to Be Happy” and a lot more.

Among its theatrical releases are author's national movie "The Strayed" (2017, directed by Arkadiy Nepytaliuk), animated movie "Hood's Mad Animals" (2016, directed by Aleksey Lukianchikov) and also the wartime drama "The Dawns Here Are Quiet..." (2015, directed by Renat Davletyarov). The project was premiered in the theaters in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany and China simultaneously. It won the highest awards at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA) and the Sichuan TV Festival (China).

Based on the facilities of 3D animation and graphics studio and in cooperation with Babich-Design, Star Media develops formats of historical animated cycles and docudramas unique in Russia and the CIS countries which compete successfully with the best western educational and popular science programs (“Kronshtadt 1921”, “The Decembrists”, “World War Zero”, “The Romanovs”, “Forgotten Leaders”, “Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East”, “The History of the Russian State”, “The Battle for Moscow”, “The Holy Baptism of Russia” and others). In 2011, the docudrama “Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East”, fully dubbed in English as “Soviet Strom”, was released on the History channels (UK).

Star Media successfully develops international sales of its content. The broadcast rights to Star Media’s content are acquired by TV channels from Eastern and Western Europe, China, Japan, the USA, Israel, Middle East countries and countries in other regions. Thus, options for the production of Star Media’s dace entertainment show format “Go Dance!” have been purchased by the companies from the USA, Norway and France, China, Russia, and Azerbaijan.

Star Media’s products have been nominees for and winners of/at such prestigious international film festivals and awards as the Chicago International Film Festival (USA), the AFI award (USA), the Monte Carlo Television Festival (Monaco), the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA), the Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea), the International TV Festival Bar (Montenegro), the Avanca Film Festival (Portugal), the Sichuan TV Festival (China), the TEFI Award (Russia), “The Golden Eagle” Award (Russia),  the “Kinoshock” Open Film Festival (Russia),  the International Debut Films Festival “Spirit of Fire” (Russia), the “Golden Chest” International Television Festival (Bulgaria), the Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” (Belarus), the International TV and Cinema Forum “Together” (Ukraine), the “Teletriumph” Award (Ukraine), the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) Award, the Yuri Ozerov International War Film Festival (Russia), the “Golden Knight” International Film Festival (Russia), the All-Russian Film Festival “Vivat, Cinema of Russia!” (Russia), the Moscow International Youth Film Festival “Reflection” (Russia), and many others.