Rental of Equipment and Services

Star Media provides its facilities for rendering the following services:

1. Rental of film equipment

2. Rental of lenses

3. Rental of additional and special camera equipment

4. Rental of equipment and microphones for on-set sound recording

5. Arrangement of playback and on-set editing

6. Rental of equipment rooms for import/export of footage from the set

7. Rental of editing rooms

8. Rental of sound record and mixing rooms

9. Rental of foley record rooms

10. Rental of color grading rooms

11. Footage archiving and storage services

12. Quality assessment services for delivery footage

13. Postproduction organization and support services

14. Pre-editing preparation services

15. Footage editing services

16. Color grading services

17. Foley generation and record services

18. Camera engineers and focus pullers services

19. Additional technical staff services



8 autonomous editing rooms + 5 technical equipment rooms for footage preparation based on Final Cut 7 (Full HD).

2 pre-broadcast equipment rooms (digitizing / recording / quality control - Digital Betacam, HD Cam, Betacam SP, Betacam, XDCam etc.).


Color Grading:

2 equipment rooms DaVinci Resolve + console.


Technical Support and Services:

Full production cycle is ensured by the Xsan DSS (data storage system), with total operational storage capacity over 400TB.

Full footage backup using LTO libraries.

An account on a dedicated FTP server available.

Technical inspection for compliance of both the incoming and outgoing footage with the requirement specifications.

Maintenance 24/7/360.



4 post-sync studios for actors

2 post-sync studios for foley

6 record rooms for pre-mastering and final mixing

3 record rooms for final mixing

3 record rooms for the footage preparation for pre-mastering and final mixing


Camera Kits:

Alexa XT

Alexa Amira

Red Epic Camera Accessory Kits

Red Scarlet Camera Accessory Kits

Sony F3 Camera Accessory Kits with SR-R1

Sony NEX FS-700 Camera Accessory Kits

Sony HDW-750P Camera Accessory Kits

Sony HDW-F900 R Camera Accessory Kits

AJ- HDX 900 E Camera Accessory Kits

AJ - HDX 400 E Camera Accessory Kits

HXR - MC1P Camera Accessory Kits


Optional equipment:

Sound record sets for rough and final sound recording on site.

Lens  Kits.

Video Playbacks.

The entire post-production complex is capable of producing up to 20,000 hours of video content annually.


Studios in Moscow:

1 961 m²

2. 460 m²


For prices, rentals, planning, and more information, please contact:

Aleksey Alaverdov

Tel./Fax No: + 7 (499) 356-5400, dob.1258




Igor Romanov

Tel./Fax No: + 7-965-140-56-00