Star Media to Head Fight Against "Pirates"

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Star Media to Head Fight Against Web "Pirates" in Russia

One of the leaders of the Russian film market has intention to protect not only its rights but also the rights of other rightholders. For protection against piracy in Runet, Star Media has developed its own unique system for removing links to illegal content.


Back in April 2019, with the help of this system Star Media was protecting only its own content, being over 6,000 hours of films and series. As of today, a contract has been concluded with PRIOR Group that is also engaged in the production and distribution of feature films and television series. Under way are negotiations with other major film market players, the deals with two companies having passed to the stage of conclusion. Star Media expects to occupy one third of the market of pre-trial protection of content of film production companies against "pirates".


The company has been working in the "anti-piracy" direction since 2013. Earlier, before developing its own security system, Star Media used third-party services to protect its premiere productions. However, this did not allow to protect from illegal hosting on the web all so-called “archival productions”. After upgrading its anti-piracy system, the company has secured disabling nearly 95% of illegal links to its content.


Under the contracts it proposes, Star Media offers its partners a cleanup of content hosted in social media by "pirates" (in Vkontakte (VK) with manual and automated search, Fingerprint system), the cleanup through the Google DMCA on YouTube. In addition, the Association of Television and Cinema Producers (Russia) (which includes Star Media) has signed, among other rightholders, a memorandum on the fight against piracy with Yandex,, and Rambler. Within its framework, the interaction between the companies presupposes pre-trial removal of the links to illegally hosted content from the list of search results retrieved by the web search engines.


“Star Media is one of the largest producers and distributors in the Russian film market. Production of content is the main line of our business. Content protection has always been an important issue for us. Doing this was not easy up to last year’s signature of the memorandum. We had a department in the company that would clean up a small percentage of illegal links, but it was not possible to clean up completely the links to all of the company's productions. The cost of such cleanup by third party companies would never have paid off. Now, content protection may become another source of revenue. The price of the contract consists of the number of titles taken under protection, the amount of cleanup, the freshness of the productions (a film being distributed or a library production),” explained Maria Gercishnikova, Vice President, Sales and International Projects at Star Media.



About the company:

Star Media was founded in 2006 and is presently one of the leaders of the Russian market in the production of television movies and series. Star Media produces over 600 hours of TV content annually, as well as wide-screen theatrical movies. Its library of rights comprises over 5,000 hours of finished content produced by the company.


The movies and series produced by Star Media are invariably rated highly on the leading TV channels in Russia and CIS. Among the most popular productions are “Mata Hari”, “Detective Anna”, “Under Military Law”, “The Closer”, “Mistresses”, “Officers’ Wives”, “Double Life”,  “Under Correction”, “Oriental Sweets”, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, docudramas “The Romanovs”, “Kronstadt 1921”,  and many others.


One of major directions of Star Media’s development is international distribution of its content (Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, China, Japan, the USA, Israel – over 50 territories overall). Along with this, Star Media actively develops its own television broadcasting and successfully advances in using modern forms of communication with viewers in the new media.


Star Media’s productions have been nominees for and winners at/of numerous international film festivals and awards. The company is winner over 250 prizes and awards, including that of such prestigious international contests as the Chicago International Film Festival (USA), the Monte Carlo Television Festival (Monaco), the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA), the Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea), the International TV Festival Bar (Montenegro), the Avanca Film Festival (Portugal), the Sichuan TV Festival (China) and a number of others.