Star Media Starts Filming Series “No Limitation Term”

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“We planned to produce a Russian version of the original American series “Cold Case” long ago and have been negotiating the format rights with their owner”, says Vlad Riashyn, producer and founder of Star Media Group. “During the last MIPTV in Cannes we finalized our negotiations with Warner Bros. on the acquisition of the license to the format “Cold Case”.”

 REN-TV will air the series in Russia. We’ve selected Yekaterina Yudina for the part of investigator Alla Shatrova, “Russian” Lilly Rush.

 The actors for the male leads: Sergey Marinin for “Russian” Scotty Valens; Roman Zhyrnov for Nick Vera, Vladimir Yeriomin for John Stillman, Valeriy Sheyman for Will Jeffries.

Along with that, Star Media made and agreement with TV Channel STB to broadcast the series in Ukraine.


“No Limitation Term”

A multi-episode feature film

Written by: Sergey Goloubev, Aliona Poliakova, Oleg Dolgikh

Directed by: Mikhail Kabanov, Stas Boulov

Production designer: Nikolay Terekhov

Director of photography: Viacheslav Krasakov

Producers: Vitaliy Bordachov, Vlad Riashyn

Creative producer: Yelena Poliakova


Genre: Police procedural

Produced by: Star Media

Premiere in Russia: REN-TV channel

Year of release: 2011


Cast: Sergey Marinin, Roman Zhyrnov, Vladimir Yeriomin, Valeriy Sheyman, Dmitry Yendaltsev, Anatoly Zavyalov, Dmitry Gotsdiner, Aleksandra Afanasyeva-Shevchouk, Irina Sidorova, Aleksandr Kalougin, Alina Kiziyarova, Liubov Firsova, Dmitry Mazourov, Ruslan Yagoudin, Dmitry Frid et al.



A team of detectives of the Moscow Crime Investigation Department, headed by investigator Alla Shatrova, specializes in investigation of “cold cases” being crimes not detected for many years. Each time when new facts and new witnesses occur, Alla Shatrova and her colleagues use all opportunities to restore and analyze events that took place during the crimes committed many years ago. The investigators check up old and new theories, groping to restore the course of events, and approach the suspects making them to confess under the pressure of evidence in what they committed.


Information on the original series “Cold Case”

“Cold Case” is a popular police procedural series that ran in the USA on CBS from 28 September, 2003. 7 seasons have been released in total. The last episode was shown on 2 May, 2010. In Russia, the series is broadcast on NTV under the title “Detective Rush”. On 25 January, 2011, NTV launched the 6th season of the series, and on 18 February, 2011, the last 7th season of “Cold Case”



Charming detective Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) of the Philadelphia Police Department homicide division is a professional of the top drawer. The nature of her work causes her to encounter the most unattractive features of human character every day. As a detective she specializes in investigating cases that could not have been solved by the police for many reasons for years. She is assisted by her partner detective Scotty Valens (Danny Pino) and detective Will Jeffries (Thom Barry) with his partner Nick Vera (Jeremy Ratchford). Lieutenant John Stillman (John Finn), who also participates in the investigation of cases, is the head of the division and their boss. Detective Kat Miller (Tracie Thoms) joins them in the 3rd season.