Star Media Launched Preparatory Phase of Production of “The Millionaire"

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Directed by: Sergey Chekalov
Written by: Ol'ga Soloviova, Marina Mednikova
Director of photography: Vyacheslav Lazarev
Music by: Oles’ Korovnichenko
Cast: Andrey Kuzichev, Karina Andolenko, Yulia Galkina, Mikhail Tarabukin, Lyudmila Kurepova
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2012
Duration: 102 minutes

Kirill Makarov has just graduated from university with a degree in architecture. With his whole life ahead of him and his beautiful fiancée Victoria, daughter of a rich and influential man, by his side, his future seems full of promise.
However, Kirill does not want to use his future father-in-law’s influence to get a job, and as he sticks to his principles, he begins to understand that his approach to life is very different to his fiancee’s.

He breaks off their engagement and on that same day meets Lena, a trainee teacher. Cut to ten years later, and Kirill is married to Lena with two children. Sadly he never made a success of his career, and the family survives on Lena’s salary alone. Kirill’s friend Oleg tries to persuade him to tender for a new architectural project in town, but Kirill realizes that, without the right connections, there is no point in even trying.

Kirill often thinks about how different his life would have been had he married Victoria, and just as he reaches the point where he has convinced himself that breaking off their engagement was responsible for his demise, Kirill gets a chance to reverse his decision.

When he wakes up the following morning, Kirill finds himself in a luxurious mansion. He is now the owner of a large and successful architectural firm and married to Victoria, he is a man of means and influence.
Kirill is happy. His life is full of pleasure, and it appears that his dreams and ambitions have at last been realised. But will he want to return to his previous life, and will he be able to cope when faced with disappointment and unfulfilled ambition once more?