"Mother Odessa"

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Filming of  TV- Series "Mother Odessa"  Started.


"Mother Odessa"


Directed by: Eduard Parri

Written by: Maksim Belozor, Andrey Galanov based on a novel by A. Barbakaru

Production designer: Larisa Zhilko

Director of photography: Il'ya Melikhov

Producers: Artem Dollezhal , Vlad Ryashin

Genre: criminal drama

Year of production: 2013

Number of episodes: 10

Cast: Anton Feoktistov, Ol'ga Lerman, Sergey Sosnovskiy, Aleksey Gorbunov, Kirill Kozakov, Yulia Galkin, Aleksandr Robak, Pavel Trubiner


During the peak of socialism in the 1980s, 27-year old Kostik Voloshyn dreams of escaping abroad. Not willing to tow the party line and help “build the socialist society”, Kostik lives a double life; his job as a scientist at a research institute is merely a façade for his card game hustling at which he is an expert.

However, when Kostik finds himself in debt to Goga, a tough card player, he returns to Odessa to avoid reprisals. Hoping to ‘earn’ enough money to leave the Soviet Union for good, Kostik successfully swindles all his opponents with the help of 45-year old Balaban, a leading gangster in Odessa who still feels guilty that he was unable to catch the criminals who set his father up. Kostik’s father was accused of stealing governmental property and when he was not exonerated, he died of a heart attack, unable to survive the disgrace.

However, Kostik’s new best friend and patron becomes his arch enemy when Kostik discovers that it was in fact Balaban who instigated the slander against his father. And when Balaban decides to drive Kostik out of Odessa because he is unwilling to share Maya, the woman Kostik has fallen passionately in love with, Kostik resolves to make Balaban pay for his father’s death once and for all.