“Trouble in Store” Awarded at DetectiveFest

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“Trouble in Store” Awarded at DetectiveFest


Series “Trouble in Store” became a prize winner in two nominations at the XIV International festival of Detective Films DetectiveFEST.


 Sergey Makovetsky, who played the part of Georgiy Berkutov, director of the Grocery Store No.1 (widely known as the Yeliseyev Grocery Store), the most famous of of the Moscow grocery stores, was recognized outstanding actor in the category “Hero”.

The movie “Trouble in Store” itself was awarded the main prize of the festival in the nomination “Theme TV Series”.

Over 400 movies and TV programs from 49 countries were contesting at the XIV International festival of Detective Films DetectiveFEST this year.

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“Trouble in Store”


Written by: Vladislav Romanov and Evgeniy Latiy with participation of Sergey Ashkenazi

Directed by: Sergey Ashkenazi

Director of photography: Vladimir Klimov

Production designer: Iraida Shults

Props: Vladimir Namestikov

Music by: Aleksey Ashkenazi

Executive Producer: Andrey Anokhin

Producers: Vitaliy Bordachov, Vlad Ryashin


Genre: historical drama

Duration: 8 episode series

Produced by: Star Media

Shoot locations: Moscow


Premiere in Russia: Channel One Russia

Year of production: 2011


Cast: Sergey Makovetskiy, Mikhail Porechenkov, Yulia Peresild, Maria Shukshina, Svetlana Riabova, Daria Mikhailova, Yevgenia Simonova, Igor Chernevich, Viacheslav Shalevich, Viacheslav Zholobov, Valeriy Afanasyev, Anna Gorshkova, Aleksey Sekirin, Ilya Iosifov, Sergey Veksler, Sergey Beliayev, Vasilisa Sukhanova, Svetlana Kamynkina et al.