Go Dance! Format Sold to France

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Star Media Group (Russia-Ukraine) and Studio Kvartal-95 (Ukraine) have closed the second international deal of sale of the rights to Go Dance!
The format have been sold to Effervescence, France.


Vlad Ryashin, CEO and producer, Star Media Group: “I’m happy to announce the second sale of the rights to Go Dance! format that we developed together with our partners, Studio Kvartal-95. Right after we concluded an agreement with MY Tupelo Entertainment, USA, we finalised the deal with Effervescence, one of the leading French production companies. The Effervescence option covers France, Andorra and Monaco. As far as we know, we are the pioneers in selling a format of this kind to France, since no Russian or Ukrainian format has been purchased by French companies ever before. We will continue to present the format to the international market at the next MIPTV-2012 in Cannes.”


Vladimir Zelenskiy, General Producer for Inter TV Channel and Creative Director for Studio Kvartal-95, comments on the deal: “Go Dance! is a dance show unparalleled in scale and I’m happy it was first aired on our channel. The sale of the format to the international market has shown a hugely impressive start. The show is close in style to flash mobs, so popular nowadays, and I’m confident of its further success.”


Simone Halberstadt Harari, CEO, Effervescence: ”I totally fell in love with "Go Dance!" when I saw it at MIPCOM, as did our Effervescence teams.

I am proud that Effervescence has signed an agreement with the Star Media Group to adapt the format for the French market. I strongly believe that "Go Dance!" will become a huge success in France.

It is a trendy upbeat spectacular concept that has nation-wide appeal and involves people from every walk of life, on and off the screen. It is full of creativity, radiates team spirit and a sense of empowerment: exactly what the audience needs in these uncertain times.  We are confident that "Go Dance!" will be the next big international show franchise. ”


The deal with Effervescence deal was negotiated by Maria Grechishnikova, Head of International Projects in Star Media’s Moscow office.


GO DANCE!, already in its second season on Inter TV in Ukraine, is a sensational ratings winner, airing every Saturday evening with an epic and lavish two-hour spectacular broadcast live from the main central square in the capital, Kiev.


GO DANCE! will be included in the comprehensive Star Media Group’s catalogue again at the forthcoming MIPTV-2012 in Cannes.




Additional Information 



 11 х 120’, entertainment dance show

Producers – Daria Fialko, Vlad Ryashin, Sergey Shefira, Vladimir Zelenskiy

Right holders: Star Media Group (Russia-Ukraine), Studio Kvartal-95 Ltd. (Ukraine) and Inter TV Channel (Ukraine)



Synopsis - GO DANCE! is an amazing show, the first of its kind and unique in its grandiose and monumental concept. Its purpose is to bring together talented young people through the art of mass formation dancing. Bringing together huge dance teams from twelve different Ukrainian cities, GO DANCE! is a spectacular competition staged live every week in Maydan, the main square in the capital, Kiev. In Maydan itself, as well as in central squares in other participating cities, thousands of fans gather to support their favorite teams in their performances.

The teams, each numbering up to five hundred dancers, start by preparing and rehearsing their performances under the careful tuition of the chief choreographer. The casting of lots divides the city teams into tournaments (competing pairs), and they compete for the right to get into the final, with the winning city becoming the ‘Dance Capital’ of the country. The whole process of preparation and rehearsal is filmed by a reality TV crew.

Each number is not just a mass collective formation dance routine, but a masterpiece of brilliant choreography and coordination, filmed with great artistry, resulting in a spectacular visual experience, which captures the unique spirit and flavor of each Ukrainian city or region where the participants come from.

The jury evaluates each team’s performance by awarding scores. But their destiny is also decided by the television audience at home - viewers can vote for their favorite team on the internet, by SMS or telephone. Along with the title ‘Dance Capital’, the winning team receives a monetary award in recognition of its artistic achievement in beautifying and fulfilling the dreams of their native city. The result is a spectacular two-hour show broadcast live every week in front of a huge audience in the central square and watched by millions of viewers at home.

GO DANCE! unites the whole country in a visual spectacle of truly epic proportions.



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