“Closer” Anna Banshchikova Starts and Wins: Shooting Seasons 4 and 5 Starts!

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“Closer” Anna Banshchikova Starts and Wins:

Shooting Seasons 4 and 5 Starts in June 2019


On June 23, Star Media starts filming the sequel to the popular TV series “The Closer”. The production of the series was commissioned by Channel One Russia that made an unprecedented decision to continue airing the detective story in Seasons 4 and 5!


“The Closer” series is a story about Police Lieutenant Colonel Alekandra Kushnir. The series begins with her transfer from Moscow to a town on the Black Sea coast. Time has passed. Authority at the department has been conquered. The relations with the colleagues have been settled. And women's happiness has not passed by. “So what will happen next?” the viewer might ask.


In the new seasons, the audience will see other unexpected twists in the heroine’s private life: she will learn now to be not only a woman and an a detective, but also a mother. And, of course, there will definitely be love in the new seasons, because this is the most important thing for any woman, especially for one living on the shores of a beautiful sea.


The story will have everything that is supposed to be in a detective television movie: investigations, chases, crime reenactments, exposures and unexpected discoveries. However, the entire "detective set" will become though vivid, but yet a background for human relations, tragedies, and fates. And she, “Closer” Aleksandra Kushnir will just as before be the main hope in this difficult world…


Screenwriters will again surprise the fans of the series by decorating the storyline with unexpected twists and new characters. Only the location will remain the same: Gelendzhik. The town has long turned from just a resort loved by everyone into a fully-fledged character of «The Closer”. It has its own mood and atmosphere, it is sunny, picturesque and filled with warm memories of those who have ever been to the Russian south region. And there almost everyone has been...


Producer Darya Lavrova: «We tried very hard so that the viewers would have a desire to drop everything and rush to the Black Sea. Colorful people, delicious local cuisine, beautiful promenades and affable mountains - all this is present in each episode. Our beautiful heroine, a native Muscovite in the story, comes to the town and falls in love with it forever. And she is one of those women who manage to find their personal happiness under the southern sun, to make her dream come true. And, of course, one cannot discount our time-tested partners, local film professionals! Each time, the work and attitude of our colleagues convinces us that we made no mistake in the choice of location. It is a great pleasure to work with such a team. They are reliable, and most importantly – not indifferent people.”


The detective story is based on a world famous format, “The Closer”. The Russian version of the series has become one of the most successful in the world, showing high ratings. Three previous seasons of “The Closer” were taken by the audience with a bang. And the wise, touching and charming lieutenant colonel performed by Anna Banshchikova became a close friend to the vievers.


Star Media has been working on this project for several years. “The Closer” was recognized not only by the audience, but by the professionals as well, and deservedly became the laureate of the prestigious APKIT (Association of Film and Television Producers, Russia) film award in the nomination «The Best Television Series” (more than 24 episodes).


Producer Vlad Ryashin: «I wish like to express my deep gratitude to the person who not only created “The Closer” series, but also led him to victory – its director Dmitry Brusnikin. Unfortunately, he has crossed over. I’d like to note that the story of the “The Closer”, Police Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandra Kushnir, will be continued at the highest level that Dmitry Vladimirovich originally established for this project. The work on the series will be continued by Philip Brusnikin, his son, as a production manager.”


In Seasons 4 and 5, the series has a new director, Andrey Golovkov. He is known to viewers on the cult TV series "The Junior Team" («Молодежка»).


Darya Lavrova, producer: «Andrey Golovkov managed to pick up the flag of our project very tactfully, with great respect and reverence for Dmitry Brusnikin who was the soul and heart of the series. Andrey understands that it is imperative to preserve the humor, lightness, sunshine and the unique style of “The Closer”. We believe that he will also bring something personal, sincere and bright into the story.”


Cast: Anna Banshchikova, Aleksandr Makogon, Vladislav Pavlov, Eduard Chekmazov, Anatoly Gushchin, Vladimir Nikolenko, Irina Pulina.


Production: Star Media

Directed by: Andrey Golovkov

Director of photography: Sergey Blednov

Producers: Vlad Ryashin, Darya Lavrova

Production manager: Philip Brusnikin