Who Will Melt Heart of Detective?

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Who Will Melt Heart of Detective?

Criminal Melodrama Filmed in Kiev.


Star Media films a 4-episode crime melodrama

"A Detective’s Heart" to be premiered on the Ukraine channel.


The story unfolds around a little homeless boy and a female detective, who will have to face many challenges together. According to the story, nine-year-old Vanya witnesses a crime - he saw the face of one of the bank robbers. In order to protect the valuable witness, Detective Varvara Rodionova takes Vanya to live in her aunt’s house. The detective will have to not only unriddle the crime, protect the young witness, but also untwist the "knots" of her private life. And Oleg, who is ready to do anything to save his daughter, will help her to discover new facets of her soul.


The series is directed by Yeva Strelnikova who also directed such productions as "Doctor Kovalchuk", "Thread of Destiny", "ER". The script was written by Renat Gilfanov. Last year, the Ukraine channel broadcast a resounding premiere of "The Experts" written by Renat.


"This is a story about family values, love and self-sacrifice. That we must overcome pride in order to be able to forgive, to do everything to save dearest people, open our hearts to those who need it," says Yeva Strelnikova, the series director.


The filming is held in Kiev and its vicinities and will last until the end of February.


The house of Faina Vasilievna, main heroine’s aunt, is located in a traditional dacha building in the Pushcha Voditsa district of Kiev. It is here that Vanya will find a temporary shelter. He is not just an accidental witness who happened to be "in the wrong place at the wrong time;" he will play an important role in the life of Varvara and solving her personal problems. In the village of Shpitki near Kiev, the police station where Varvara Rodionova works will be filmed. And the "lair" of homeless children will be constructed by the crew at an abandoned distillery on the Kudryavsky Descent, Kiev. A complex shooting with chases and stunt tricks will be held at the Chaika motor-racing circuit.


Costumers and make-up artists will work on the images and make-up of child actors to transform them into real residents of the street.


Georgiy Leshchenko will feature Vanya. The 9-year-old actor already has already an adult filmography of 19 productions.


"I worked with him when he was 6 and I saw his potential back then already. He is one of the most talented child actors; so, when I read the script, I realized that Vanya will be the one," says Yeva Strelnikova.


In general, according to the director, the casting was not difficult: the personalities of the characters were pre-set initially, and all necessary character types were clear.


Darya Yegorkina, a Ukrainian actress ("Singer", "On the Line of Life", "My Mommy"), will feature Varvara. By the way, the viewers could already see their tandem on the television in the movie "Music of Love," where they played a son and his mother.


Anton Batyrev will feature Oleg, who is forced to make a compromise with his conscience for the sake of saving his daughter, ("Poliakova’s Method", "Mamochki", "Detective Anna", "ER").


Faina Vasilyevna, Varvara’s aunt, will be featured by Nadezhda Kondratovskaya. The film also involves Vladislav Mamchur, Anna Vasilyeva, Marina Kuklina, Vladimir Gladkiy, Igor Koltovsky, Aleksey Nezhurko, Mikhail Kukuyuk, Yeugeniy Yefremov, Aleksandr Kriuchkov, Oleg Maslennikov.


Production: Star Media

Year of production: 2018

Number of episodes: 4

Producer: Alya Kaspersky

Producers of Ukraine channel: Natalia Storchik, Irina Chernyak

Written by: Renat Gilfanov

Directed by: Eva Strelnikova

Director of photography: Aleksandr Shilov

Cast: Darya Yegorkina, Anton Batyrev, Georgiy Leshchenko, Nadezhda Kondratovskaya, Vladislav Mamchur, Anna Vasilyeva, Marina Kuklina, Vladimir Gladkiy, Igor Koltovsky, Aleksey Nezhurko, Mikhail Kukuyuk, Yevgeny Yefremov, Aleksandr Kriuchkov, Oleg Maslennikov.