Large Package of content Lands on Amazon!

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Large Package of Films and TV Series by Star Media Lands on Amazon Prime Video


Star Media, one of the leading production companies in Russia and CIS, is expanding its audience in Canada, The United States of America and other countries worldwide.


The 1st package of  Star Media films (25 titles) delivered to Amazon Prime Video was acquired by New York based digital distributor, Janson Media, in 2017 and has since tripled in volume. The number of available countries where platform viewers can watch the Russian produced content has increased as well.


Now, the package of Star Media projects available to global subscribers of Amazon Prime Video includes 75 films and TV series.


The deal, brokered by Jesse Janson (Executive Vice President for Acquisitions & Development of Janson Media), stated: “The quality of content produced in Russia is increasing rapidly, which is confirmed by the great success of the Star Media titles on the platform. There is a large demand for Russian produced content across Amazon Prime Video. Not only from Russian language speakers, but from all viewers worldwide. Star Media projects that are available on the platform cover a variety of genres and topics. Among others we see that the audience is quite interested in drama, historical and wartime stories, which many traditional broadcasters are often shy away from licensing. This creates a great opportunity for on demand streaming, where such projects discover their audiences.”



In addition to Canada and the United States, Star Media projects are now also available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India.


“We receive a lot of positive feedback from English speaking viewers of Amazon who are not at all discouraged by the fact that the films are produced and presented in Russian and have only English subtitles. In addition to English, we’re planning to launch Spanish language content on the platform very soon,” explained Maria Gercishnikova, Vice President, Sales and International Projects at Star Media.

Among Star Media films that are available on Amazon Prime Video one can find projects that are already familiar to the Russian audience and have been warmly welcomed by viewers all over the world: “Freud's Method”, “The Romanovs”, “Once Upon a Time in Odessa”, “Anna German”, “Under Military Law”, “Lermontov”, “Detective Anna” and many others. By the way “Detective Anna” was included in a drama series critic’s list of the best mystery shows available on the platform.




About the company:

Star Media was founded in 2006 and now is one of the leading international production and distribution companies in Russia and CIS. Star Media annually produces about 30 titles of content. Currently, the company’s catalogue comprises over 350 titles.


The content produced by Star Media traditionally obtains high ratings on the central channels of Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries. Among the most popular productions are “Mata Hari”, “Detective Anna”, “Under Military Law”, “The Closer”, “Mistresses”, “Officers’ Wives”, “Double Life”, “Under Correction”, “Oriental Sweets”, “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, docudramas “The Romanovs”, “Kronstadt 1921” and many others.


The company has established itself in the international market as one of the leaders in distribution and international sales of series and films. Over 50 countries have been regularly acquiring rights to the company's products, including the United States, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan, Israel.


Along with this, Star Media develops its own television broadcasting and successfully advances in using modern forms of communication with viewers in the new media.


The projects by Star Media have been distinguished with the highest international awards at various international festivals such as the Chicago International Film Festival (USA), the Monte Carlo Television Festival (Monaco), the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (USA), the Seoul International Drama Awards (South Korea), the International TV Festival Bar (Montenegro), the Avanca Film Festival (Portugal), the Sichuan TV Festival (China) and many others.


For additional Information please contact:

Elena Maksimovich

Press Secretary, PR and Marketing Department, Star Media (Russia)

+7(499)356-54-00, ext. 1260 | +7(925) 040-44-94 |

Bld. 1, 31, Nizhniye polia Str., 109382, Moscow