Love and Trials: Star Media Films New Series!

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Love and Trials: Star Media Films New Series

The shooting of the melodrama "Secret Love" continues in Kiev

The life of Liuba Zatsepina (Dana Abyzova), where dreams, hopes, idyllic plans are intertwined, as well as betrayal, trials, overcoming them and, of course, love, is in the focus of the story.



"This love story is more dramatic than melodramatic. It is about a woman who sacrifices herself to protect a loved one for the sake of their future family. About the importance of the choice, about people being judged by their actions, and that cowardice can not be justified, about possibility despite all the trials to not only overcome them, but also help others not to lose faith in the good," says Anatoly Grigoryev, the director of the series.


The director initially describes the main character as "a girl light and airy, flying toward the sun." She is a confectioner, a creative person, and strives to bring joy in the world. Her fiancé, Yura (played by Anton Denisenko) is also full of hopes: she dreams of becoming a prosecutor and punishing the villains. They both burn with the same idea - to make the world better. However, there comes a point when they need to make a choice.



The happy life of Liuba Zatsepina collapses the same day when her beloved makes her the long-awaited proposal to marry him. That very evening, he knocks down a pregnant woman to death by his car during a terrible downpour. If Yuri confesses in being guilty in the accident, his prosecutor's career will be destroyed, so Liuba takes on his guilt and goes to prison. She does not even suspect with whom she engages into a duel for life this fateful day...


The script is written by Alina Semeryakova ("I won't Give You Away", "Anna German", "Pandora's Box"). She has adapted the Korean format to our realities. "The script is written very well: the dialogues, motives and characters are worked out carefully. Actions of not only the main characters, but also the secondary ones, are deeply dramatic and, weaving into the main plot of the film, make it even more intense and weighty. The flywheel of the plot is untwisted and the characters are manifested," says the director.



The filming takes place in Kiev and will last until the end of the summer. Many locations will be involved because the heroine will face representatives of a various social strata: from the inhabitants of shacks to the rich ones living in luxurious mansions. Especially for the series, a prison barrack was built near Kiev.


According to the director, the casting for the role of the protagonist lasted quite long. Lots of candidates have been audited: we needed to find an actress who could live all the transformations of the heroine to the maximum point of convincingness. Actors Anatoly Yashchenko, Nikolay Boklan, Andrey Primogenov, Irina Melnik also feature in the movie.


"Secret Love"

Year of production: 2018

Country of origin: Ukraine

Format: television feature film

Number of Episodes: 16 series

Genre: melodrama

Place of filming: Kiev (Ukraine)

Written by Alina Semeriakova

Directed by Anatoly Grigoryev

Director of photography: Andrey Shvets

Production designer: Pavel Yarmusevich

Composer: Oles Korovnichenko

Producers: Galina Balan-Timkina, Vlad Ryashin