How to Stay Alive with Broken Heart!

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Love and the Three: How to Stay

Alive with Broken Heart


Star Media is working on a four-episode melodrama "The Gardener" that will premiere on STB. The film narrates about the life of a young woman called Natasha (Anna Vasilyeva), who, having believed once in great love, was left alone with the little son, Kostia in her arms. Whether she will be able to find happiness again is now a big question.


The film begins in a provincial town where 23-year-old Natasha who trains to be a landscape designer lives modest life. She meets a handsome lawyer, Dmitry (Aleksandr Popov). A stormy romance erupts between the young people. However, Dmitry leaves for the capital soon. And it will take five long years before the pain of being abandoned releases and Natasha will be able to let a new love into her heart. Sergey (Vladislav Mamchur) was her first customer, and now he has become a friend not only to her, but also to little Kostia, the son of Dmitry. The couple is preparing for the wedding. However, Dmitry re-appears on the horizon, and the romantic story takes on a criminal flavor.


“My heroine is torn between the mind and passion,” says Anna Vasilyeva.

“She does not rush from pillar to post, but is tormented by doubts and, in the end, her life becomes unbearable. Natasha could have end her life in beautiful manner - in a bathtub of warm water, with rose petals swaying on the surface. But this is not her fate - the young woman is saved by the true feeling of her beloved one.”


The script written by Yelena Balandina is an explosive mixture of emotional upheavals for any taste. The romantic plotline is permeated with the feelings of three loving hearts, while the dramatic component inflamed by the protagonist’s thirst for profit, that of a criminal nature, is the apotheosis of betrayal bordering on indifference.


“As for me, the image of Dmitry is in tune with the image of the main character in Woody Allen’s drama “Match Point,” says Aleksandr playing the main antagonist in the film. “Dmitry is not a complete scoundrel, he strives for a better life, which he can only dream of, in ways simple and available to him. And he lacks wit to understand that what he does is beyond decency and is called outrage among the people.”


Aleksandr Budyonny, the director of the film assigns an important place in the movie to the youngest actor on the set – the six-year-old Mark Tereshchenko who plays Kostik, the son of Natasha. The kid is a litmus test that helps to separate good from evil in this situation.


“Sergey is not quite a character I used to. After all, I usually play negative characters, while here an honest and a decent one,” Vladislav Mamchur shares his mind. “In addition, one of my partners in shooting is a child, and this is a huge load and responsibility because you need to find a common language with him and be prepared for various surprises and children's pranks on the site."


«The Gardener»

Producers: Artiom Dollezhal, Vlad Ryashin

Director: Aleksandr Budyonny

Cast: Anna Vasilyeva, Aleksandr Popov, Vladislav Mamchur, Mark Tereshchenko and others.