WorldFest-Houston Appraised “The Millionaire”

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WorldFest-Houston Appraised “The Millionaire”

TV movie “The Millionaire” by Star Media was awarded one of the main prizes at WorldFest-Houston Film Festival, the oldest festival of independent films in the USA. The festival is also the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York festivals.

WorldFest 2012, the 45th one, was held from 13 to 22 April, 2012 in Houston, USA.

TV Movie “The Millionaire” produced by Star Media was awarded GOLD REMI Award, the third important prize of the festival. The story is based on mystical events that gave a chance to the hero to be back in time to his past to live his life again.

 This is the first award received by Star Media at this festival. The first one was GRAND REMI Award awarded to “Extraterrestrial” in 2008. In 2009 and 2010 “A Voice from beyond the Grave” and “O, Luckyman!” both received PLATINUM REMI in Texas.

WorldFest History

Despite its mature age, WorldFest principles remain unchanged. The festival continues to move forward to present the true independent film and its filmmaker, offering a new venue for directors and producers searching for an independent forum for their works. The mission/vision statement of WorldFest is to recognize and honor outstanding creative excellence in film & video, and development of filmmaking as such.

It was founded by award-winning producer/director Hunter Todd who has been honored with more than 115 international awards who has participated in creating more than 300 motion picture and video productions.

The initial idea behind the WorldFest was to originate a festival where independent filmmakers might present their works.

Unlike the Cannes, Sundance and Toronto festivals, the WorldFest Houston strikes by its dimensions. It is actually 12 Major film & video competitions within one event in 200+ sub-categories for picture and video productions. However, in spite of that huge number of entries, no awards are given in any category unless the scores from the juries are high enough to place for honors. Thus only approximately one fifth of the total category entries actually win an award at WorldFest. WorldFest is presently the oldest independent film festival in the world and the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York.

“The Millionaire”

Written by: Ol'ga Soloviova, Marina Mednikova based on a novel by Olga Tashlykova

Directed by: Sergey Chekalov

Director of photography: Vyacheslav Lazarev

Production designer: Diana Todoratyeva

Executive producer: Dmitry Minzyanov,

Producers: Yuriy Minzyanov, Vlad Riashyn

Genre: melodrama

Filming locations: Kiev, Ukraine

Year of production: 2012


Produced by: Star Media

Cast: Andrey Kuzichev, Karina Andolenko, Yulia Galkina, Mikhail Tarabukin, Lyudmila Kurepova



Kirill Makarov has just graduated from university with a degree in architecture. With his whole life ahead of him and his beautiful fiancée Victoria, daughter of a rich and influential man, by his side, his future seems full of promise. However, Kirill does not want to use his future father-in-law’s influence to get a job, and as he sticks to his principles, he begins to understand that his approach to life is very different to his fiancee’s. He breaks off their engagement and on that same day meets Lena, a trainee teacher…

Cut to ten years later, and Kirill is married to Lena with two children. Sadly he never made a success of his career, and the family survives on Lena’s salary alone. Kirill often thinks about how different his life would have been had he married Victoria…
When he wakes up one morning, Kirill finds himself in a luxurious mansion. He is now the owner of a large and successful architectural firm and married to Victoria, he is a man of means and influence. Will he want to return to his previous life? Will it be such an easy thing to do?