Star Media Purchased New Formats and Presented Own Developments in Cannes

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MIPTV-2012: Bottom Line

Star Media Purchased New Formats and Presented Own Developments in Cannes, France

During the last MIPTV-2012 Star Media Group purchased the rights to produce the adaptation of the Spanish police procedural "Los Misterios de Laura” / “Mum Detective” by Boomerang TV and the option to adapt the “Double Life” by Eyeworks (Netherlands) for the CIS.

Vlad Riashyn, producer and founder of Star Media Group:

“It was another time that MIPTV treated us with new interesting formats. We signed a new deal with Boomerang TV, Spain, to produce the dramedy Mum Detective”. The series attracted our attention back at MIPCOM-2011. The story is centered around a lady detective. Her life situation is quite complex: she has to combine roles of a good mother and a policewoman along with attempts to build up her private life. Another of our acquisitions was “Double Life”. It’s a story of a lady who after her husband dies finds out that their family life had been far from being perfect for years: he had another family too. The two women became rivals and face the necessity to change their habitual course of life. In this case, though, we’ve purchased only an option for now.

Traditionally, the CIS market is viewed by international players as the market for selling formats. However, this year we have not only purchased some new interesting products, but also presented our original developments. The show “Go Dance!” we co-produced with Studio Krvartal-95 and TV channel Inter (Ukraine) was infallible success. Interest in this format increased considerably after it had been purchased by MY Tupelo Entertainment (USA) и Effervescence (France). Also, companies of several countries showed their interest in our new series “Island of the Unwanted” that we presented in Cannes as Scripted Format. In addition, we have already launched the production of a new show “Lets Meet” that we presented as a format too.”

We’d like to remind that Star Media have already launched the production of the new dramedy series “Masha’s Law” based on the format of “Danny Lowinski” by SevenOne International (Germany).

Star Media has also finished the production of “No Limitation Term” (based on the format of “Cold Case” by Warner Bros.) that is currently being broadcast on STB (Ukraine). The series will be aired in Russia soon, on REN-TV.

At MIPTV-2012 Star Media Group traditionally presented television and movie content from its own comprehensive library of rights comprising over 2.800 hours of series, TV movies, docudramas, entertainment and theatrical films as or 2012.


Information on the purchased formats:

Dramedy, 12 episodes


LAURA LEBREL is a police inspector; brilliant at her work, but short-sighted in her relationships. Capable of unravelling the most complex crime, but incapable of detecting love, even when it is right under her nose.

Mother to two boys, two naughty little demons, she recently separated from JACOBO, her superior at the police station. Her partner at work is MARTIN, the person with whom she spends the most time. They have known each other since they were at police academy and are always bickering … but this apparent hostility covers up deeper feelings.

The responsibility of being both mother and policewoman sometimes seems too much for Laura, but in the end she always manages to combine her two roles. And even if in her love life she is an absolute disaster, in her professional life she is always on the ball. The most striking feature of her modus operandi is the little importance Laura gives to physical or material evidence. Analyses and forensic tests leave her cold. The main weapon she uses to catch the criminals is her intuition. In each episode Laura will be faced with puzzles and mysteries that will also penetrate into her private life.

Will Laura be able to recover her inner peace and find love despite all this mess?


Rightholder: Boomerang Tv -

Drama, 13 episodes



Mark and Karen and their two children, Martin and Anna, have been living together for almost 18 years. Mark is a successful architect spending much time away from his home. Karen trusts her husband and cannot even imagine that his frequent “business trips” are connected with Nina, a young and attractive career woman. Though, Nina who Mark has already married to has not the least suspicion that Mark has another family. Both women are sure they are the only woman in his life.

When Mark dies suddenly in an accident on a construction site, Karen and Kina discover to their horror that he’d been cheating them for many years. Mark’s death causes them to conceive a hatred for each other and begin a battle for the right to be the main heiress to their husband.

Which are the rights each of them has? Who will participate in Mark’s burial as his wife? By trial and error both Karen and Nina will have to change their lives.

 Rightholder: Eyeworks -


Along with MIPCOM, MIPTV is the world’s biggest television content, audio, video and digital technology market. MIPTV has been held in Cannes, France, since 1964. Among the participants of MIPTV are majors of television and theatrical film production such as: Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros, BBC, Endemol, NHK, Rai Trade, ZDF, ARD, RTVE and many others. A wide assortment of products is annually presented at MIPTV, being television programs, digital and photographic equipment, movies, artworks, books, journalist works, audio and video gear.

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