New Ukrainian Paranormal Detective Series!

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Star Media Continues Filming "Detective Anna", New Ukrainian Paranormal Detective Series

Melodrama to be released on "Inter" TV channel, Ukraine

The plot of the project is set in the 1887-88 AD. The series consists of 56 episodes. Two episodes constitute one story, so there are 28 stories.

Anna Mironova (played by Aleksandra Nikiforova) and Yakov Shtolman (played by Dmitry Frid) are the recurring characters in the series. They investigate complicated crimes that took place in a small provincial town of Zatonsk. While Shtolman appears on the scene of crime by virtue of his duty - he is the chief at the police crime investigation department – Anna is led there by the spirits of the dead.


Visions literally haunt her and thanks to them Anna manages to investigate the most mysterious crimes the police are powerless to. She is a medium and with the tips from the spirits she tries to restore justice and find the culprits.

At the beginning of the series the heroine’s connection with the spirits is very weak and the 19-year-old girl does not really understand what all these visions want her to do and how to react to them; however, the more experience she gets in "crime detecting", the stronger her gift is.

Of course, the experienced materialist Shtolman does not have an immediate trust in Anna and her unusual powers. He is much more used to solving crimes using deduction; however, from case to case, he believes the girl more and more.

With time, they turn from rivals into comrades-in-arms, and it is Anna who is now "first violin", with Yakov helping her, due to his expertise and intelligence, to complete the cases and send the offenders to prison. But she is clearly stronger than him now.

Simultaneously with their investigations, the relations between the main characters grow into absolutely non-business ones. Anna falls in love with Shtolman, while he, being much older than her, resists his feelings. In addition, Anna’s parents, Maria Timofeyevna (played by Irina Sidorova) and Viktor Ivanovich (played by Andrey Ryklin) do not approve their daughter’s choice. But what can stand in the way of a girl in love, who, in addition, has contact with the spirits? We will see!


Aleksandrа Nikiforovа, actress featuring Anna:

"Anna Mironova is a young girl of nineteen endowed with mediumistic abilities. She is eager to solve crimes and help people. At the same time, she is not an investigator. She has superpowers, and she still cannot manage then in the first episodes: she cannot control or handle with what comes to her.

She has a share of youthful maximalism in her character. She is positive that if one has been endowed with such a gift, one is, or even must disclose and develop it in oneself and use it."


Dmitry Frid, actor featuring Yakov Shtolman:

"My character, Investigator Yakov Shtolman, who has been exiled to a small town of Zatonsk after investigating a mysterious case, when he found out that its threads lead to the highest echelons of power and are associated with the imperial family. At first, he is skeptical about this provincial town and thinks he will be bored. But in fact, there is much more work in a small town than one can imagine.

Shtolman is a professional, with his distinctive hand in investigations, and his extensive expertise in solving cases allow him to find unconventional moves during investigating intricate crimes. He is honest, uncompromising, sometimes arrogant, but he does not succumb to ones higher in rank and title. Sense of justice is a very important factor in his life. But he is not a hundred percent "tin soldier"; humanness and compassion are inherent in my character, along with responsibility and an overwhelming desire to solve the crime. "


Vitaliy Bordachev, project’s producer:

"The plot of our project is set in the 19th century and we're making a somewhat British style series, in terms of faces, costumes and everything else. The heroine is a girl living in a small provincial town. She is quite emancipated, but also possesses supernatural powers – the gift she was born with. She is a real medium. And we follow the heroine since her first steps as she reveals her abilities and begins to use her gift, and in the future we may see her develop into a person a la Blavatsky. The viewers will watch a transformation of the character, the girl becoming a serious woman and medium. And our hero is a mix of the Sherlock and Fandorin characters combined in one person.”


Vlad Ryashin, General Producer at Star Media:

"It’s going to be a “vertical” type detective, where one story is featured in two episodes. The paranormal manifests through the heroine, when she manages to get in contact with the spirits. In some cases this helps solving crimes, and in other puts obstacles. The hero is a man of difficult biography; he is a detective and a pragmatist. Together with this young lady, they investigate crimes: he using analysis and making conclusions, and she using her senses and contact with the spirits. And at some point she becomes stronger than him. Conscious plus unconscious. Yin and Yang. Two persons of different poles attracted to each other very strongly. This builds the melodramatic component that passes through the entire series. She's in love with him, but he's older. He also feels attracted to her, but realizes he is not ready to throw away his risk-associated profession and bind himself with family ties. And he is a man of honor.”


Information about series

Type: TV series

Producers: Vitaliy Bordachev, Darya Legoni-Fialko, Yekaterina Andriyenko, Vlad Ryashin

Written by: Yulia Venglovskaya, Aleksey Kolmogorov, Pavel Kim, Sergey Golubev, Maria Kretinina

Directed by: Feliks Gerchikov, Evgeniy Semionov, Artur Rumynskiy, Sergey Mezentsev, Denis Karro, Vitaliy Bordachev

Directors of photography: Kirill Speranskiy, Aleksandr Aleshnikov

Production designers: Pavel Romanov, Vladimir Namestnikov

Costume designer: Nataliya Stytsiuk

Makeup artist: Tatyana Kolomitseva

Music by: Anton Silayev

Number of episodes: 56 episodes (28 stories)

Duration of one episode: 47 minutes

Movie format: “vertical” type series

Genre: detective with paranormal elements

Countries of production: Ukraine and Russia


Cast :Aleksandra Nikiforova, Dmitry Frid, Sergei Druzyak, Irina Sidorova, Andrey Ryklin, Boris Khvoshnyanskiy, Andrey Lukyanov, Nikolay Denisov, Yelena Polyakova, Algis Arlauskas, Vladimir Pivovarov, Galina Zviagintseva, Olga Sumskaya, Sofia Ardova, Valeria Zabegaeva, Vladimir Koshevoy, Dmitry Bedarev, Sergey Marin et al.