Win at Film Festival “Otrazheniye”

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The solemn closing ceremony of the The IVth Moscow Open Youth Film Festival “Otrazheniye”, where Star Media won the biggest number of prizes, having outstripped about 30 TV contesting projects, took place on 4 November, 2012.


The Special Prize “For Contribution in Development of Youth Cinema”  was awarded to Star Media.

“Most Topical Youth Story” was awarded to The Sum of All Meanness, written by Alina Semeriakova.

 “Outstanding Actress” was awarded to Karina Andolenko for her part in the movie The Sum of All Meanness.

Directed by:Aleksey Lisovets

Written by:Alina Semeryakova

Production designer:Zhanna Khar'kova

Director of photography:Vadim Savitsky

Music by:Daniil Yudelevich

Producers: Galina Balan-Timkina , Vlad Ryashin

Genre: melodrama

Year of production: 2011

Duration: 90 minutes

Cast: Karina Andolenko, Agnia Kuznetsova, Aleksey Komashko, Elena Shevchenko, Mitya Labush

Marina Kazantseva is a third-year student. A romantic girl who read Dumas and Mayne Reid novels while growing up, Marina is in love with her sport’s teacher Konstantin Pavlovich, however, while Konstantin is aware of her feelings, he does not take them seriously.

Meanwhile her classmate, Varia blames Marina for her abusive childhood and is planning her revenge. Fifteen years ago, Marina’s father, Boris had an affair with Varia’s mother,
Lyudmila. When Boris’s wife, Yekaterina discovered the affair, she returned her husband to the family after creating a very public scandal. Yekaterina then used her position as District Public Education Department Inspector to make sure that her husband’s mistress was refused employment from every educational institution in town. Lyudmila became an alcoholic, regularly beating her daughter out of frustration and despair until Varia found the strength to stand up to her mother and left home. Living on the streets, however, was hard, and in order to survive, Varia was forced into prostitution, and it was her pimp Isaac, who placed her at the college.