New Lyrical Comedy by Star Media

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Denis Matrosov, Anna Miklosh, Yelena Zakharova, Oleg Zagorodniy Starring in “The Househusband", New Lyrical Comedy by Star Media

The plot of the 4-episode movie is centered around quite an unusual story. When children are born into a family, the allocation of responsibilities is usually known in advance: the mother will stays home, the father will work to support the family. In our case, we have the father, William, as "master" of the house. He is a journalist and manages to combine his creative career with family responsibilities, while Irina, his wife, begins to successfully develop business.

With each day passing, the protagonist goes deeper and deeper into the household matters and, absorbed in the whirlwind of routine work, does not notice that Irina does not feel attraction to him anymore, his eldest daughter Katia is shy of his old-fashioned appearance... and only the youngest one, Masha, remains faithful to her dad...

Things change overnight, when William accidentally sees Irene having a not at all business meeting in a restaurant - his wife has stricken up a romance with Artur, a famous actor. She does not make even a slightest attempt to justify herself and easily files for divorce, intending to leave the girls with her. However, William is resolute to fight for his family, and, what is of most importance, to defend his right to raise their daughters, because only he knows what fairy tales Masha loves to listen before going to bed and who Katia’s friends are. To win in court, he needs to have a well paid job. Aleksey, William’s friend, comes to his aid, but all "options" he proposes fail dismally. His unsuccessful attempts to find a job drive William to despair and he decides to accept the offer to work as... a househusband for a successful and strong business woman, Zhanna. At first our hero is literally making a mess of everything and Zhanna is ready to fire him, but his passionate desire to get this job at all costs works eventually well! He manages to persuade his employer to give him a chance!

Will William use it to his advantage? Will he be able to have his family back or will he start a new life? We will learn about all difficulties and transformations when watching the "The Househusband".


Denis Matrosov (featured as William)

When a man is engaged in raising his children and pays to them more of his time than to work - is it really bad? He is almost like me. I also cook and wash for my eldest son Vanya. Of course, the character is clearly exaggerated; for example, I do take care of and not allow myself to dress haphazardly... My occupation does not permit this. As for the character’s exterior - yes, he has neglected himself, but there is some guilt of Irina, his wife, in this because she stopped paying attention to him: she stopped hinting her husband how to dress, what is fashionable and how to combine the stuff – she just stopped caring of him. She decided it was easier for her to get enamored of the famous dandy Artur. But my William is ready to do anything for his children and the family. This is the purpose of his life. And the meeting with Zhanna was a real salvation to him. She helped transform my hero, see himself in a different light and do everything to make his life glow with new colors.


Anna Miklosh (featured as Irina)

My heroine is a woman enthusiastic about her work, a "careerist". And there are many women like her now. Well, I myself am among them. The work permeates all aspects of her life, but Irina is not remote from life: she has a family, the children. She's all right!

However, if one is absorbed in one’s work with fanatically, important emotional moments are often missed. She seems not to love her husband anymore. On the other hand, love, too, requires to be worked on in order to maintain the freshness of the relationship, to be able to hear one another.

She is made of flesh and blood, so no wonder that she gets fascinated by the young, cheerful, and handsome Artur... But inwardly she is tormented and feels it’s difficult for her to live with it. I’m sure that Irina didn’t look for a lover to destroy her family; she just wanted a fresh air in relationship, new emotions. But it turned out quite differently than she expected.


Yelena Zakharova (featured as Zhanna)

From the very beginning of the film, Zhanna is imperious, strong, and successful woman. She is self-made: she has built a business from scratch and now earns good money. But, unfortunately, she has grown disappointed in men, so her personal life could have been much happier. It is why her inner world and true self are hidden from the prying yes. And because there is no reliable man's shoulder beside her, she has to be tough and uncompromising. The lack of love makes us dryer and restrained emotionally, with complexes arising. But my character will go through transformation with the advent of love in her life.


Oleg Zagorodniy (featured as Artur)

Artur is not a bad man at all. He's just a reckless guy. He lost a great deal of money playing cards and owed a large sum that acting won’t help him earn quickly. The movie’s director and I decided the very first day that my character would be sincere and honest in everything; there's just circumstances that force him to agree on take on an adventure of courting a businesswomen. However, he really likes Irina and he helps her with her daughters not to merely show up; he enjoys doing so.


Valery Deviatilov, director

"The Househusband" is a story about family and love. And about the fact that many women are forced to become too emancipated, going into business, burdening themselves with men's duties, obliged to make serious decisions, feeling responsible for themselves and others, and feeling less and less feminine. The story is nice, full of humor, not serious at first glance, but eventually very instructive. "Look at how the things should not be," this is what we want to say to our viewers.

Produced by: Star Media
Written by: Kirill Oliushkin, Marina Shikhaleyeva, Olga Zhabina
Directed by: Valery Deviatilov
Director of photography: Sergey Politik
Production Designer: Yevgeniy Kravchinia
Producer: Vlad Ryashin
Genre: lyrical comedy

Number of episodes: 4

Cast: Denis Matrosov (William), Anna Miklosh (Irina), Yelena Zakharova (Zhanna), Vladimir Kolganov (Aleksey), Oleg Zagorodniy (Artur), Liudmila Nilskaya (Karelia Pavlovna), Yuri Smirnov, Yuri Chernov and others.