Anna Zhizha Joins Star Media Team!

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Anna Zhizha, Editor-in-Chief, Joins Star Media Team!

Anna Zhizha, the creator of “Revizor” (“The Inspector”), one of the most popular television shows in Ukraine, has become part of the team of Star Media. Anna joined the creative unit under producer Victoria Burdukova that specializes in multi-genre television projects, and is involved simultaneously in developing and adapting new formats.


Anna Zhizha will work at Star Media in her usual position of editor-in-chief. Her responsibilities will include the development of concepts for new television projects, as well as their implementation.


“I have proudly and joyfully accepted the offer of Star Media and Vlad Ryashin. I have dreamed of working in his team long. Quite long, since he created his company (as they say here – the family) and rapidly and brilliantly entered the media market. I have been working on television since childhood, almost thirty years. The experience is impressive. I will gladly apply it to new challenges. I came to the company to launch a new project and has actively joined the process. Most of all, I am inspired by the professionals who work at Star Media, and the possibility to make productions for various channels and different viewers. And another joy is that I will work again with the production team familiar to me: Victoria Burdukova and Ivan Shigapov,” said Anna Zhizha.


Anna Zhizha left Novy Channel this March, where she worked for 11 years. At Novy Channel Anna worked in the programs “Abzats!” ("Period!"), "The Reporter", "Postoronnim V.” (“Trespassers W."), the morning show “Pidyom” ("Wake Up!") and other projects. However, her “Revizor” (“The Inspector”) and “Strasti Po Revizoru” (“The Inspector Passion”) became her most famous projects over the years, in which she worked both as a co-author and as the host. Over the years of Anna Zhizha's work, these shows and its hosts won five statuettes of the Teletriumph Ukrainian Television Award, became the laureate of the TV Media’s Favorite award, received the Effie bronze award for the best native advertising. The formats developed by Anna were also awarded in other countries.


“Anna Zhizha is a brand person. She is one of the experts who may decorate and strengthen any team. I am glad that we will be able to work in the same team again!” commented Victoria Burdukova, producer at Star Media.