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Ivan Okhlobystin in a series


Channel One Russia; 8 January at 21:15, 9-11 and 14-15 January at 21:30


Special consultant Roman Freudakov is introduced to the crime detection department under the Prosecutor’s Office. A psychologist and professional poker player in his younger days, Freudakov traveled extensively throughout Russia and Europe dealing with many people from different professions - from qualified psychoanalysts to magicians and fortune-tellers, from celebrated scientists to illegal gamblers. When investigating a crime, Freudakov uses scientific methods but is ultimately guided by his intuition. He pieces together events from the crime scene creating psychological and physical profiles of the perpetrators so that he is able to preempt their next move leading to their capture. While the foundation of Roman’s approach is psychological science, his method – Freud’s method – is about directly provoking his suspects in order to catch them out. Unfortunately, he also employs this method in dealing with his new colleagues, which is met with a variety of negative responses. Nevertheless, his fellow officers acknowledge Freudakov as a brilliant expert and perhaps because of his odd and eccentric methods, Freud is able to solve the most complex cases using his outstanding insight and brilliant logic.


Vladislav Ryashin, founder of Star Media Group, movie producer: Freud’s Method is not merely another detective movie about a suffering police officer, betrayed by everyone in the world and depressed, but a staggering story about an optimistic, ironical, outstanding, smart and very eccentric person. Roman Freudin, a literary man, psychologist, philosopher, and at the same time poker player, erudite person, cynic and adventurer discovers his calling in investigation. In his new position of special consultant to the Prosecutor’s Office, Freud employs various scientific methods – mathematics, literature, astrophysics, bionics, hydrodynamics… But they all are cemented by psychology. Yes, he works not for money; he’s shocking, he wears expensive watch and drives a luxury car; nevertheless he’s much closer to life than many of his colleagues in the investigation department because he’s gone through fire and water before he has become what he is. And his investigations are search of ways to penetrate into motifs of crimes, including the ones hidden deep in criminals’ subconsciousness. This is of great importance, because it gives understanding that a tragedy could have been avoided.”


Darya Lavrova, producer: “It’s really a hard task to find a good screenplay nowadays, so, I believe we were extremely lucky to have “Freud’s Method”. I was won over by the dialogues – vivid, witty and ironic – and, of course, the unconventional image of the main character. It’s an optimistic, successful and accomplished man who has made millions with his wit due to his education, knowledge and experience. Ivan Okhlobysin’s hero is able of unconventional thinking; his actions sometimes seem crazy, but there’s a crisp and bare logics behind them. Freud always knows what he does. He has attained inner harmony, but his work in the Prosecutor’s Office will shake up his ideas about life, because in his search of psychical equilibrium and rationality Freud forgot about feelings, deprived of which life cannot be complete.



Yin and Yang – Okhlobystin and Antonova

“Ivan Okhlobystin and Natalya Antonova were great in acting subtle nuances of relationship, when the most important and obvious things remain unspoken. Their two characters complement each other as Yin and Yang. But will they become one – that is the question,” says Darya Lavrova.


Improvisation Is the Key!

Ivan Okhlobystin and director Mikhail Vaynberg have a brilliant sense of humor, so there was a lot of laugh during shooting. It must be said that the shooting process was well-organized and went smoothly despite its frenzied pace. “This was achieved due to Mikhail Vayberg’s direction, who, properly saying, had breathed life into this story. It was due to his talents and right approach that the characters turned out to be so vivid and effervescent. Many story findings were made right at the shooting area. Improvisation was always welcome,” recollects producer Darya Lavrova.


A Bride Falling Down the Bridge

There are many complex stunts – fights and chases – in the “Freud’s Method”. And even a car with a bride in it falling down the bridge into the Moscow River. “We cooperated with Aleksandr Solovyov’s stunt team. The guys are experts in what they do and they have no fear at all. When the car at a full speed was breaking through the parapet of a bridge across the Moscow River almost opposite the White House and then the confused “bride” (of course, it was a stuntman) was floundering in the middle of the river, we all had a feeling that something unreal was happening. Nevertheless we need to give credit to Aleksandr and his team: all stunts were performed perfectly. Although, Aleksandr himself who drove the car did not appear on the surface for a suspiciously long time, which gave chills not only to me,” recollects producer Darya Lavrova.


Written by Vladimir Dyachenko, Aleksey Krassovsky and Larissa Leonenko

Directed by Mikhail Vaynberg

Production designer: Grigory Ter-Mesropian

Director of photography: Sergey Blednov

Music by Anatoly Zubkov

Executive producer: Filipp Brusnikin

Producers: Darya Lavrova, Vlad Ryashin

Genre: police procedural

Production company: Star Media, 2012

Cast: Ivan Okhlobystin, Natalya Antonova, Pavel Priluchny, Aleksey Grishin, Yelena Nikolayeva, Artur Vakha et al.



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