Premiere of the melodrama "Mistresses"!

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PREMIERE on Channel One Russia:

Ekaterina VOLKOVA, Darya EKAMASOVA, Ekaterina KLIMOVA, Ravshana KUKROVA

in television series “Mistresses”

16 November, 2015, at 21:30 and 17-19 November, 2015, at 21:35; rerun 17-20 November, 2015, at 12:15


Channel One Russia features the premiere of the melodrama “Mistresses” commencing on 16 November, 2015, at 21:30. This is a Russian version of the British series “Mistresses” narrating the story of lives of four best female friends. They experience ups and downs, joy, happiness, sufferings and loneliness. And always support each other.

“Mistresses” is a popular British series that follows the lives of four female friends. Its first season featuring Jessica Fraser, Siobhan Dillon, Katie Roden and Trudi Malloy was produced by BBC back in 2008. And the drama has been popular in many countries since then. After a successful start in the UK, the format was acquired by Disney-ABC Television Group in the United States.

Star Media acquired the rights from BBC to produce its Russian version on commission by Channel One Russia.

Katia, Tamara, Sveta and Zhenia have been friends since childhood, and even though they attended colleges in different cities, they always returned to the same suburb on the outskirts of Moscow where they grew up. Now, in their early thirties, the house Tamara inherited from her parents becomes their meeting place and favourite hang-out.

Top doctor Katia (actress Ekaterina Volkova), super mum Tamara (actress Darya Ekamasova), successful lawyer Sveta (actress Ekaterina Klimova) and realtor Zhenia (actress Ravshana Kurkova) have one thing in common – they all want to fall in love, and although their lives and love affairs are always dramatic and complicated, the friends continue in their search.

The series begins with each character in the midst of a conflict, be it with their nearest and dearest or with themselves. Each is experiencing difficulties in finding love or holding on to it, and their fates intertwine at a crucial point in the series’ plot. Their friendship is their castle.


Vlad Ryashin, General Producer for Star Media:

“We try to be close to original series, but the mentality of the people in various countries differs, therefore the series script has been adapted to the perception of the of the Russia and CIS audience, but there are no essential changes made in it. And also, we decided to change its Russian title into “Влюбленные женщины” (“Women in Love”) because the word “любовницы” (translation of the “mistresses”), as opposed to the English “mistresses”, has negative implications in Russian, so the new Russian title reflects the point of the series much better and fuller.


Ekaterina Klimova (featured as Svetlana):

“My heroine has a long path to tread in order to discover herself. There is a period in young age when you stick labels here and there: “I will never be/do this…”, “I will never be/do that…” And then you have to tear off those labels for the rest of your life. Suddenly you realize that you are in the situation you have made vows not to get into. Just like Svetlana, who had made vows she thought to be important and then encountered real life that does not care at all of her vows. Many things change during the time the heroines live as the “women in love”, but it is them who change in the first place. Similarly, I’m in the phase where I’m fed up with playing naïve girls with their eyes open wide. You’re getting interested in different things and start asking different questions you want to find answers to.”

Ravshana Kurkova (featured as Zhenia):

“My heroine is a very purposeful lady. She clearly understands what it is she wants to attain in life and is bound to her goals. With not too many hangs-up, able to do things insane in positive sense. It is very important for her to feel independent; this is why she will never become a kept woman. She is toiler making her meteoric career and is a self-made lady. Very trendy and sexy at the same time. She can easily get men to fall in love with her. But her character dramatically changes when SHE falls in love. She is plucky. She says what she thinks. She loves men and men love her either. It is interesting to watch Zhenia in the period when her biggest love comes into her life because her independence and ability to always control things vanish into thin air.”

Ekaterina Volkova (featured as Katerina):

“She seems to me to be the most reserved of the four friends. So balanced and wise. Conservative in some things. Even listening to and empathizing with her friends, helping them and sharing their concerns to the fullest, she never shares with her own personal feelings. But she also needs support at some moment. There are moments when one cannot keep silence. A person needs to share his/her burden and find a refuge. Some may see religion as such refuge. Others may find an outlet in their friends, nearest and dearest, or family… At some moment Katia confesses to her friends she has kept in secret her romance with a married man for many years. She even accuses herself in doing, probably, wrong things. She did not wish to break his family and neither had she strength to break up with this man. And, maybe this is the reason of why she insisted on being just a mistress without any serious claims.”

Lina Sinolitsaya (production manager):

“We have received a trendy and beautiful story. Its characters are quite well-off people. Virtually, all heroines had things by designers; men also got rich wardrobes. We wished the viewers watch the heroes expecting to see something new in their clothes each time. Despite not many episodes in the series, about 50 costumes were purchased, manufactured and rented for each heroine. And their accessories could be contained in several roomy boxes.”

Dmitriy Laktionov (director):

“Our “women in love” are unique and do not look like the British or American heroines. Because we live in the country which differs in culture, mentality and customs. Out lives are different, you see; our values are different, so respectively, we have different requirements for out heroes, including their appearance. Sometimes things easily allowable by western or European characters are uncharacteristic of ours. In addition, many things in building up a character’s image depend on the actor playing it. So, after adapting the series’ material to our realia and our people, we have received an entirely different story. And of common things, the desire to be stylish and trendy is what undoubtedly was left.”

Produced by: Star Media, 2015

Genre: Melodrama

Producers: Vlad Ryashin, Yuri Minzianov

Written by: Marina Mednikova

Directed by: Dmitriy Laktionov

Director of photography: Mikhail Markov

Production designer: Lina Sinolitsaya

Music by: Oles Korovnichenko

Cast: Ekaterina Volkova, Darya Ekamasova, Ekaterina Klimova, Ravshana Kurkova, Anton Khabarov, Viktor Loginov, Kirill Safonov, Giuliano Di Capua, Stanislav Erkliyevsky, Konstantin Samoukov, Maksim Drozd, Aleksandr Kobzar