Teletriumph Award

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Island of the Unwanted by Star Media Wins Two Teletriumph Award Statuettes


The XIIth Teletriumph award presentation ceremony took place on 30 November, 2012, in Kiev, Ukraine.

 The Teletriumph is a national prize in the television industry awarded annually to outstanding television projects and hosts since 2001 by the Television Industry Committee and the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine.

The Teletriumph is the only award in the television industry aiming at identifying outstanding achievements in the television content production, encouraging the development of the television industry and setting high standards of the Ukrainian television broadcasting industry.

 The jury consists of the honored workers of the television, cinema, outstanding producers and film directors.


 Star Media Group was awarded the Teletriumph, having won in the following nominations:

- “Television Series” – for the series Island of the Unwanted;

- “Television Series Producer (Producer Group)” – Vlad Ryashin, Artiom Dollezhal and Yuri Minzianov for the series Island of the Unwanted


Vladislav Ryashin, producer and founder of Star Media Group: “Island of the Unwanted is an entirely “producer-made” project with an extremely complex production. The shooting was held in Thailand for an entire year and there were a number of difficulties in its course – from climatic and food to organizational and political complications. In addition, there was a civil war in Thailand, which lent even more specific flavour to the shooting process. For a wonder, all these difficulties only added to the project that has a good cast and a really powerful story.”

Island of the Unwanted

Directed by: Eduard Parri

Written by: Elena Rayskaia feat Mikhail Zhuravkin

Director of photography: Il'ya Melikhov

Composers: Vladimir Kripak, Roman Cherenov

Producers: Artem Dollezhal , Yuriy Minzyanov , Vlad Ryashin

Genre: adventure drama

Year of production: 2011

Number of episodes: 24

Cast: Dmitriy Ul'ianov, El'vira Bolgova, Nelli Pshennaia, Aleksandr Pankratov-Chiornyi, Yulia Silaeva, Pavel Trubiner, Konstantin Milovanov, Aleksandr Robak etc.


A group of Russian tourists find their lives changed forever after an exotic voyage to Asia leaves them shipwrecked and abandoned. As we discover later, it is no accident that thirteen people survive and find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island. Twelve of them were sent on this ill-fated cruise by business partners, parents or children, who, for one reason or another, did not want them to return.

Only one member of the group is there by pure chance. Who is the thirteenth man and why was this expedition organized? While mystery and danger lie in store, the survivors try to work out the answers to these questions and whether they can survive the treachery of their nearest and dearest.