Filming of “Operation Muhabbat"!

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Filming of “Operation Muhabbat", New Drama by Star Media Supported by Ukrainian Afghanistan Veterans Association, Continues


Ilya Malakov, Sergey Strelnikov, Aglaya Tarasova starring, with Sergey Puskepalis, Maksim Lagashkin, Natalya Antonova, Aleksandr Lazarev Jr. and others featured:


"Muhabbat" means “love” in Farsi. And also, this is the name of a multi-move operation carried out by the US military in the distant 1985, when the war in Afghanistan was in full swing.


A new 8-episode project "Operation "Muhabbat" will narrate about the events of those distant years through the prism of the life story of three young men: Mitia Savelyev, his best friend Misha Krotov, and Ania, the daughter of an expat artist. Forced to part in 1984, Mitia, Misha and Anya meet in a year in Afghanistan, unaware that they are objects of a grandiose spy game. For the sake of being together, they will have to go through many trials, dangerous adventures, to learn what the true value of friendship and price of betrayal are...

Since childhood, Mitia (Ilya Malakov) has used to special treatment because he is the son of Fiodor Savelyev (Sergey Puskepalis), an influential politician. His father is role model for him, and the young person has been under his influence, to a certain point in time. It was Savelyev, Sr., a combatant military officer in the past, who decided that Mitia would become a military lawyer.

Mitia and Misha Krotov (Sergey Strelnikov) are best friends that have never parted. Misha was older and more experienced. It was he who decided to set on a dangerous journey together with his friend.

And who knows what would have happened to them, if it were not for devoted and passionate Mitia’s love of Ania (Aglaya Tarasova).

Ania (clever, well-read, educated girl who was brought up in the family of a dissident artist), was, in theory, never supposed to fall in love with the son of an influential politician. But Ania does not care of whose son Mitya is.

Separation from Ania, who emigrated with his father to the United States, made Mitia become mature. He has realized that there are two things in life over which even his powerful father has no power at all. One can sacrifice anything, except honor... So, when Mitia receives a letter from Ania saying she was coming on an assignment as journalist to Afghanistan where they will have an opportunity to meet, Mitia and Misa do everything to go to Afghanistan too, without knowing what scrapes all of them will have to go through there...


"The complexity of the film lies in two parallel storylines unfolding - espionage and melodramatic ones,” says Alekey Sidorov, film's director. “A unifying theme was needed to achieve a balance. It was Afghanistan, formidable and ruthless, crushing empires, that became this theme. Afghanistan puts on the heroes on the brink of life and death and reveals their true nature. "

Filming a movie like this using the scenery only is impossible; the accuracy in showing the realia is needed, so it was decided to shoot all events related to Afghanistan in conditions as close as possible to real ones: in Ossetia and Uzbekistan. It is here that it is possible to use a maximum of ethnically relevant actors, types, costumes, and locations.


Written by: Ilya Avramenko, Andrey Zhitkov, Pavel Gelman, Aleksey Sidorov

Director: Aleksey Sidorov

Director of photography: Oleg Shuvayev

Production designers: Ilya Yevdokimov, Mavlodod Farosatshoyev

Costume designers: Ksenia Mavrina, Zhanna Lanina

Makeup artist: Aleksey Shevchenko

Producers: Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin

Number of episodes: 8

Running time: 44 minutes

Genre: war drama


Cast: Ilya Malakov (Mitia Savelyev), Sergey Strelnikov (Misha Krotov), Aglaya Tarasova (Ania), Sergey Puskepalis (Fiodor Savelyev, Gorbachev’s advisor), Julia Pogrebinska (Jane), Denis Nikiforov (KGB Major Igonin), Aleksandr Lazarev Jr. (KGB Major General Lukyanov), Maksim Lagashkin (Karyshev), Natalia Antonova (Mitia’s mother), Polina Lazareva (Lukyanov’s daughter).


The movie is filmed in Ukraine, Russia, Ossetia, Uzbekistan.