Star Media’s Productions Winning Love of Users at Amazon Prime Video!

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Star Media’s Productions Winning Love

of Users at Amazon Prime Video,

International Video Service


TV series and movies by Star Media acquire their viewers abroad. In 2017, the film production company entered the international market by concluding a deal with Amazon Prime Video and providing it with a package of 25 productions by Russian filmmakers.


During two years, the list of movies sold to Amazon has tripled and currently amounts to more than 75 productions presented on the platform, both dubbed and subtitled. Moreover, some projects are available not only in English, but in Spanish too, in particular – “The Romanovs”, “The Millionaire”, “Captive”, “The Napoleonic Wars – The War of the Sixth Coalition”,“ Lousy Neighbor ”, “A Picture to Remember”, etc.


According to viewer’s feedback, among dozens of the Star Media productions on Amazon Prime Video, the series “Night Swallows”, “Anna Detective” and “Ancestral Land” provoked the greatest interest among the international audiences of the platform.


Close to the heart of the Russian viewers, the story about fearless and selfless female pilots who fought for their homeland during World War 2 has found its audience outside Russia. Thus, 68% of users who left the feedback on the "Night Swallows" series estimated it by the highest 5-star rating.


A mystical multi-episode television movie “Detective Anna” received an even greater percentage of positive comments. The production received a maximum possible rating from 71% of users who expressed their opinion about the series.


However, “Ancestral Land” stirred a real sensation for the international audience. The dramatic saga about the life of the Morozov family did not leave anyone indifferent. 97% of the reviews on the video platform gave the series the highest estimation.


Note that Star Media productions are watched in Russia, Ukraine, the CIS countries, the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and India.


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